Remote work is ethically wrong, BookTok a Kingmaker

Happy Thursday from London, friends. I’m Michael Cogley, filling in for Diamond Naga Siu to see what will unforgivably be the second film of the year.

Like all others, the film industry is also becoming more and more popular with information. A wonderful interview With Dexter Fletcher, the director of Apple’s new romcom spirited.

It will be interesting to see what role social media statistics will play in the publishing industry as TikTok has taken the place of literary kingmaker. My colleague Martha Bino reports on the Booktalk phenomenon and how it sent book sales to an all-time high.

But before I present my novel, which is sure to be a social media hit, let’s get into today’s tech news.

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1. Elon Musk believes remote work is “morally wrong”. “Laptop parts live in la-la land,” Tesla’s boss said in a wide-ranging interview with CNBC.

  • Musk asked why it was fair for some people to work from home but not for others, such as preparing and serving food.
  • “It’s crazy to think they have to go to work when you’re not there,” the Twitter owner said. “It’s not just a matter of productivity, I think it’s morally wrong.”
  • The social media giant also said it plans to hire some of the thousands of workers it has laid off since its takeover.

Read more about what Musk had to say here.

In other news:

Jeremy Gorman, President, Global Advertising at Netflix.

2. ChatGPT creator OpenAI is preparing to release an open source AI model. The company, led by Sam Altman, is making the move amid growing pressure from other open source alternatives. Here’s more on the future of the AI-powered chatbot.

3. A new PR technology company is using AI to write press releases. EZ Newswire launched in beta Wednesday and hopes to make news distribution easier and cheaper with its technology. Read more about how it’s using OpenAI to disrupt the industry.

4. Now you can hail Uber without the app. Users can now speed-dial the ride-hailing service and arrange a lift over the phone, the company announced Wednesday. Here are the details of how the new service works.

5. A former Google employee who filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit says the tech giants should be held accountable. Chelsea Glass worked at Google for five years before she said she was pushed out. Now, she’s publishing a book to help others seek justice and provide a way to help pregnant workers facing layoffs. Read more.

6. Elizabeth Holmes was ordered committed to prison on May 30. The founder of Theranos will begin serving an 11-year sentence at the end of the month, a judge ordered on Wednesday. More on Holmes’ latest bid to stay free as she appeals her conviction.

7. Netflix continues to ramp up its advertising push. The streamer now boasts nearly 5 million active users at its advertising level. The company has built a sales team with employees from the likes of Snap, Hulu and GroupM to ensure the ad game is successful. We profiled the 18 Netflix executives driving the ad revenue under Jeremy Gorman.

8. YouTube recommended videos about guns and school shootings to young boys’ stories. A new study by the Tech Transparency Project shows that violent videos are being pushed to children. Details of the report can be found here.

Odds and Ends:

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Jerrod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment

9. iPhones will soon be able to speak with your voice. Apple this week unveiled new accessibility features, including “Personal Voice,” which aims to replicate a user’s voice with AI after 15 minutes of training.

10. A suspect who allegedly leaked the finale of “Dragon House” has been arrested. The episode premiered on pirate sites two days before its release last October. The kidnapper’s cat helped police find him, reports said.

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