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This week we have another Pete-less scene where our favorite No. 1 host is sailing around the Caribbean with a margarita in one hand and a Norwegian guide. Escapeactivities in another. But fear not, for Joe is here. Joe joins the week’s episode with a short-casual haircut that Jackie doesn’t notice, though further investigation reveals that Joe actually informed her before he got it earlier this week.

In GrepBeat News, a profile on Inclusive Intakes, a Chapel Hill-based interactive mental health assessment startup, appeared this week along with another piece of ours. For starters Podcast. Jackie and Joe discuss on ChatGBT, the ever-increasing AI service — or horror, depending on your point of view. AI tech can now transcribe meeting minutes and improve efficiency for companies (Pete, you might want to look for your own job).

The staff welcomed the father of entrepreneurship in Charlotte: Dan Roselli of RevTechLabs. Here are some highlights from his inspiring speech:

  • Dan birthed RevTechLabs as the third phase of his career. He was first introduced to the technology and investment world as a marketing executive at Bank of America. He and his wife started Packard Place as a co-working and entrepreneurship center as a second phase, allowing the family to stay in Charlotte.
  • RevTechLabs is a unique accelerator focused primarily on fintech and insurance to tailor the learning experience for each startup working with RevTechLabs. Dan’s approach to the process is to “give me what I need right now” hitting the needs of growing startups with a “you get it” approach.
  • Applications for RevTechLabs’ 18th cycle are currently open, and Dan is eager to hire. Seeks startups focused on financial investment technology, big data, cyber security and real estate technology that have grown from $500K to $1M and are monetizing or working on robust product pilots. And he wants you to apply! Or drop by during office hours for some advice.

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