Rosette skirts are the only Y2K fashion trend I will try.


As someone who peaked in the Y2K era, I’m still recovering from living through the biggest fashion trends of the decade for the first time. Low rise jeans? Sure, if you’re willing to keep your pants up all day. Velor track suit? They are certainly convenient, but they easily contain pills. Baby tees? Cute, but probably not office appropriate. However, there are always exceptions when fashion rules apply themselves. For me, rosette dresses are one of the clothing trends that I have been revisiting this summer since my youth.

It’s been seen on all the iconic fashion icons of the decade, like Carrie Bradshaw. sex and the city, As well as real-life fashionistas like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez, no style or image of the early 2000s survived the rosettes. And while the look isn’t going away entirely, it’s unlikely to go away in 2023. The look appeared on several Spring/Summer 2023 runways at Paris Fashion Week and was worn on the red carpet by celebrities such as Zendaya. The look is flooding Instagram, thanks to viral brands like Magda by Trim, who have made floral apps their signature.

Since I spend a lot of time on the internet for work, I am not easily influenced. However, after seeing several unique variations on the trend, I’m sure I’m not completely done experimenting. From casual summer frocks to cocktail options, here are my 10 favorite rosette dresses to wear in 2023.


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