Sevilla are leading Roma in impressive fashion by winning the Europa League.


Sevilla collected their seventh Europa League title after beating Roma on Wednesday. Bookings and light injuries were the themes of this match. In fact, the event lasted for a total of three hours. However, Gonzalo Montiel, who scored Argentina’s last penalty at the World Cup, could score the game-winner on Wednesday.

The game was basically a perfect match for the tournament. Sevilla go into the big game with six Europa League titles to their name. Four of those wins have occurred in the past 10 years. Roma, on the other hand, has a manager. Jose Mourinho has collected trophies with Porto, Inter Milan, Manchester United and Roma.

Roma takes the lead after a slow start

The two clubs were evenly matched and even on paper, there weren’t many scoring chances in the first 20 minutes of the game. However, there is no doubt that Roma have had the biggest chances in this period. Leonardo Spinazzola found himself free in the Sevilla box at Acre. The Italian sent a dangerous shot in a good position but his effort went straight to Yassin Bunu. It would have been a certain goal if the shot hadn’t been straight at the keeper.

However, Roma scored in the 35th minute thanks to Paulo Dybala’s goal. Gianluca Mancini received the ball in midfield and looked up to find Dybala with a good ball to cut through the Sevilla defence. The World Cup winner curled a left-footed shot past Bono at the back post. It was Dybala’s 17th goal of the season for Roma.

The game went into half time against Roma. But before the break, Sevilla had two significant chances to score. Fernando first sent a header over the bar after being unmarked in the six yard box. Ivan Rakitic then hit the post just before the half-time whistle. The former Barcelona star struck the ball from long-range, inches wide of the match.

The Spanish team comes out swinging in the second half

Sevilla equalized less than 10 minutes into the second half. Mancini put the ball into his own net after a regular game against Roma. The goal was created by Jesus Navas, who sent a quality cross into the Roma box. Mancini tries to mark an opponent player but it’s an offside goal.

In the 75th minute, Lucas Ocampos’ shot by Roger Ibanez resulted in the Spanish team being awarded a free kick. However, referee Anthony Taylor reviewed the case and overturned the original call. Replays showed that Ibanez touched Sevilla’s wing a bit, but the contact was minimal. A Roma defender makes first contact with the ball.

Roma then thought they had a penalty of their own six minutes later. A cross into the Sevilla box hit the defender’s outstretched hand. However, Taylor and VAR decided not to get involved in the incident. Roma’s assistant coach was eventually scheduled to complain about not being called.

In the Europa League, Sevilla will use a penalty kick to win against Roma

The two teams tied after 90 minutes and the game went into extra time. Both clubs were reluctant to take chances in extra time, but the game eventually went to penalties. However, there will be late drama involving Mourinho. The players and staff held the coach in a confrontation with the Sevilla bench.

Fortunately, a cooler head prevailed. Then penalties decided the winner. Although the first three free-kicks were converted, Mancini was the first player to blink. Bono dived down the left and saved the shot with his feet. Ibanez then failed to score against Roma.

World Cup winner Gonzalo Montel will finally play another Europa League final in Sevilla against Roma. But the Argentinian had his first shot saved by Rui Patricio. However, VAR intervened and ruled that Patricio had touched the shot. Then Montiel scored another pass to give Sevilla the win.

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