Six promising industries for these entrepreneurs to start business today

Entrepreneurship is all about finding new opportunities. This means that there are opportunities to make more money or opportunities to make a difference in a new way. Entrepreneurs often follow the business world closely, notice which ideas are succeeding and which should be returned to the drawing board. Savvy entrepreneurs notice when a business or an entire industry is making an impact.

As business leaders, members of the Young Entrepreneur Council also want to take advantage of new opportunities. Here, six members speculate about the industries they might start a business in today if they weren’t involved in their current business, and why they believe these industries hold promise for the future.

1. Regeneration agriculture

I will start a business in the agricultural sector again, maybe as a permaculture consultant. I believe fighting climate change while feeding people nutritious food is one way to make an impact and make a living. I believe we need more diverse voices in the agricultural world, and small local farms and urban food systems make a big difference. – Nathalie Lussier, AccessAlly

2. On demand services

Our society demands instant gratification, which has led to the proliferation of on-demand services such as Uber, Netflix, Grubhub, and Amazon. With one-click orders or delivery times as short as an hour or a day, these companies are revolutionizing how people get goods and services. That makes investing in this industry especially worthwhile. – Tonika Bruce, Lead Nicely, Inc

3. Physical therapy and exercise

If I were to start a new career in a different industry, I would consider looking into physical therapy, Pilates, and movement in general. While massage therapy feels amazing and can help heal injuries, I love the idea of ​​adding movement to prevent injuries and strengthen the body. I can see them both working in harmony, and my knowledge of brick and mortar practices will come in handy. – Rachel Bader, Press Modern Massage

4. Beauty

If I had to start a new business different from my current industry, I would choose the beauty industry. It is one of the safest options given the current economic situation. Despite the stress in various industries globally, the beauty industry is growing rapidly and has vast areas to target. So, it seems like a safe and promising option to consider. – Stephanie Wells, Amazing Forms

5. Reproductive and women’s health care

Nowadays, women are having children at a later age, and pregnancy is generally considered puberty after the age of 35. Many women really focus on their careers and creating financial stability, putting things like love on the back burner. . It’s my preference to have other options, especially all-in-ones, at affordable prices. – Givelle Lamano, Lamano Law Office

6. Training

One of the most profitable business ventures in 2023 is running a coaching firm, especially if you have experience in the field. In fact, you shouldn’t start a coaching firm at all if you don’t have a specialty. Training sessions are often high-ticket purchases, so you can charge more for each one. They cost you more than your time. – Kelly Richardson, Infobrandz

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