Somos Unidos Foundation ‘United in Health’ launched.


Imagine white blood cells “rushing to wherever the problem is.”

Somos Unidos Foundation Executive Director Chanel Wise Carl described the organization’s “Unity in Health” initiative, which aims to create a healthier New Mexico.

New Mexico United’s nonprofit Somos Unidos initiative is new in branding, but not new in community outreach.

In the year Since its inception in 2020, the organization has hosted blood drives and vaccination campaigns for COVID-19, the latter in partnership with the New Mexico Department of Health through a $75,000 grant last summer.

“United in Health” will continue to host blood drives and vaccination clinics, some of which will likely be at Utd matches during United matches, Wiz Karl said.

“You’re bringing your family to a free community soccer clinic. It’s like, ‘Why don’t we try to be a one-stop shop and include resources like health care information?'” Wiese-Carl said.

But the “Health Unity” initiative, which officially launched on April 1 at the Health and Wellness Fair in Tigex Park, will have other key elements – from promoting physical activity and wellness to mental health resources.

The initiative, according to Wies-Karl, goes back more than two years and is part of the organization’s core — part of Somos Unidos’ efforts to create a healthier and happier community.

New Mexico United owner and CEO Peter Trevisani said the club’s original purpose and mission statement was to “bring the people of New Mexico together like never before.”

In turn, United in Health allows the club and its nonprofit arm to be “active stewards in our community.”

The 2020 call to the organization from the governor’s office on establishing blood pressure at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic is part of the program. That focus shifted from Somos Unidos to the organization, which focused on public health. Relevant material on the epidemic and vaccinations.

And going forward, Wise-Carl said the plan is to further expand public health campaigns and outreach through “Health United.”

“Maybe you (the person) have never been on an elliptical before. “We have someone who puts out exercise equipment and teaches people to be confident enough to go to the gym,” she said. “I think it will increase public health outcomes under this United in Health umbrella and because we think of ourselves as one community and under the Somos Unidos moniker.”


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