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Soul TV’s fashion show with fashion, dance and song is a huge hit.


Provided by Soul TV Official Instagram Page | @umass_soultv

The Soul TV Fashion Show held at the Student Union Hall on Friday, April 28 was a huge success, inspiring and energizing the crowd.

Upon entering the venue, over 100 fashionable students wait to enter, metallic shoulder bags, heavy sunglasses and slouchy over-the-knee boots. Several groups of friends coordinated outfits and excitedly took photos outside the ballroom. The organizers gently lit the venue with warm lightning, divided the venue into organized sections and placed a goody bag full of candy on each chair.

At the start of the show, the MC, Marco, set a fun tone and engaged the audience with his enthusiasm and appreciation. He randomly selected audience members to rate their outfits and the responses were more confident. They progressed from a “10”, to a “12/10”, to a final response of “off the charts”. He asked the selected students to rotate and display their appearance in public, which elicited a standing ovation from the crowd.

The fashion show then opened with models strutting down the runway. The choreography was completely unplanned as the models spun and danced in sync across the stage, synchronizing their pace to the beat of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album. The scene was divided into sections and the looks were generally all black or muted. The details of the dress did not go unnoticed and the accessories – sunglasses, hats or shoulder bags – were well combined with the clothes.

It was fun to see the artistry in the designs and one look was particularly eye-catching: a sheer shiny shirt with leather pants and an opaque face mask. The end of the event is marked by street wear, which gives it an informal charm. Models walked the runway gracefully in Jordans, embellished dresses and varsity jackets. Their clothes look true to their true personal style. The Soul TV E-Board members closed the show and received loud applause and applause from the audience.

The talented dance group Soul Sistas performed twice at the event. They pumped up the excitement in the ballroom by dancing to songs backed by Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. The dancers, dressed in black trench coats and long red gloves, jumped and spun around the stage in similar fashion. Their ability to inspire an audience was unparalleled and their performances were crowd pleasers.

Soul TV’s show was about promoting not only the models, but the entire student body. Audience members were invited to walk the runway twice during the show. Friends were holding hands, pointing and blowing kisses to audience members as they walked in sync with the music. Through this audience participation, the show became an interactive and energizing experience.

When the event was finally over, students walked out smiling, giggling at the amazing performance they had seen. The Soul TV show was a huge hit and the crowd left feeling more confident than when they entered.

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