South Shore Food Bank to connect business, food pantry leaders

ROCKLAND – The South Shore Food Bank has launched a new initiative to connect local business and food pantry leaders in a skills-sharing program.

Leaders from ten food pantries around the South Shore meet monthly with business owners to share information on topics such as board leadership, fundraising and marketing strategies.

The South Shore Food Bank is a regional food bank that takes deliveries and stores, and serves as a food distribution hub between the Greater Boston Food Bank and approximately 18 pantries on the South Shore.

The Weymouth Food Pantry opened a new warehouse last year with the capacity to supply up to 600,000 pounds of perishable and non-perishable food to storage facilities around the South Shore.

“Independent, grassroots organizations play a critical role in addressing food security

health outcomes for residents across the region,” South Shore Food Bank Executive Director Pamela Denholm said in a statement. “We hope to support community leaders as they rise to meet the changing challenges around food security and food equity in our community.”

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Food pantries in the region have seen an average increase of 113 percent.

Customers have continued to see higher demand levels since the pandemic began.

On the South Shore, Denholm said this could be largely due to rising commodity prices, rising gas prices and a housing shortage.

Through his leadership program, he hopes to strengthen the South Shore Food Bank

Building a network of food security organizations and the skills necessary for success.

The regional organization followed other projects to improve food distribution. Earlier this year, the South Shore Food Bank received a refrigerated van through the Feeding Our Neighbors program at Whole Foods Market.

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