South Side Mexican Restaurant 67 did not produce health results.

Saint Antonio – A South Side Mexican restaurant failed a visit from health inspectors in April, and now that business has a new name and new owners.

Health inspectors had to re-inspect two other food businesses after they were cited for multiple health code violations during an April inspection.

Check out the inspection reports to see what’s going on behind their kitchen doors.

Claudia’s restaurant

Claudia’s Restaurant, located in the 1300 block of Pleasanton Road, dropped its score of 94 from its previous score of 67 in its April 13 inspection.

Cooked meat was improperly refrigerated and a jar of mayonnaise was left sitting on the shelf, while many other dishes were also sitting around waiting to be prepared. All food should be cold.

Avocados found under raw chicken are discarded. The microwaves and coolers were dirty and the supervisor observed an employee touch their face and then proceed to serve food.

Another major problem is that the business has been operating without a license since last year.

KSAT reporter Tim Gerber stopped by this week to see if the business has been repaired and properly licensed.

Co-owner Valeria Santos had a good explanation for the outcome. She said the search took place when the business was changing hands.

Santos said she recently bought the business with her mother, who was a cook for Claudia.

She said the investigation was conducted before they were handed over. Santos revealed to Gerber that he had obtained all the necessary permits for his business under the new name, Lindsay Cafe.

Santos said they are still awaiting their first health check and are in the process of changing the name on the business.

Mineral Cafe

Las Minas Cafe, located in the 3800 block of Blanco Road, received 75 and another inspection after receiving multiple violations in April.

The refrigerators for food and drinks were too hot.

Dishes used for cooking food still had water on them.

The workers were observed touching ready-to-eat foods with their bare hands.

Invading chemical bottles in the kitchen should be removed and everything blocking the sink did the same.

They also store many items in a jar at room temperature – the water must be 135 or higher.

The inspector left a long list of items to be fixed for the re-inspection.

Chili’s Grill and Bar

Chili’s Grill & Bar, located at 131 SW Loop 410, received an 82 health inspection on April 13.

They improperly used ice to freeze the cooked sausage. The ice was on the sausage when a protective barrier was needed.

Meanwhile, the inspector saw salmon thawing in the running water and coming into contact with dirty dishes in the sink.

There was a black mold-like structure in the ice machine.

An employee uses his bare hands to place bacon on a burger served to a customer. Other workers did not have hats and hairnets.

There were several boxes of food on the floor of the walk-in cooler. Personal items, including a speaker, were on the catering table next to the prepared food.

The controller also needs a thorough cleaning of the entire area, especially the kitchen, to remove dirt and food residue.

A re-examination was ordered.

Result Guide:

100-90 = A (acceptable to very good)

89-80 = B (marginally acceptable)

79 or below = C (Marginal to Poor)

*Metro Health indicates that scores of 69 or below are failing.

Other results this testing week:

Burger boy, 100

9334 Potranco Rd


Chester’s Hamburger, 100

9980 IH 10 W


Dutch Bros. Coffee, 100

8614 Potranco Rd


Gong Cha, 100

9410 State Hwy 151


Soft King, 100

10650 Culebra Rd


Wok Inn Asian Cafe, 99

9822 Potranco Rd


Little Caesars Pizza, 98

7280 UTSA Blvd


Subway Sandwich Shop, 97

5545 NW Loop 410


Two Bros. BBQ Market, 96

12656 West Ave


Carlito’s Taco House, 95

11319 West Ave


Bayes Seafood Restaurant, 94

217 S WW White Rd


Bombay Cycling Club, 93

3506 N. St. Mary’s


Who’s Who Cocktails, 92

1711 Babcock Rd


Yippon Ramen, 91

1518 Austin Hwy


Taqueria Reyes, 90

10517 US Hwy 181

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The reports go back every six months and are updated frequently.

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