Spotify’s latest commercial move could be a clue to Meghan Markle’s podcast woes.


Looks like Meghan Markle’s award-winning podcast Archetypes You may be in trouble, or at least, it may have caused some serious trouble.

Spotify reportedly paid Meghan $18 million for her podcast, but reports suggest they collected far more money for what they received. Simply put, it seems to get the agreement of the company Archetypes It may not be the right business move for them, the New York Post reported.

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After laying off 400 of its 6,600 employees in January, Spotify is set to lay off another 200 before the end of the month. Sahar Elhabashi, head of Spotify’s podcast business, said in a statement on the company’s blog: “We have made the difficult but important decision to strategically realign our team and reduce our global podcast vertical and other operations by 200 people, or 2%.” Spotify’s workforce.

Spotify seems to regret its decision to steal millions of dollars ArchetypesAnd the strikes around the company may signal that they haven’t been able to collect the money they thought they would get.

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Despite winning a coveted Gracie Award and snagging A-listers left and right for interviews, Archetypes In the year It didn’t achieve the same success it did when it launched in August 2022. In fact, within three months, it had already slipped out of the top 20 spots.

And it doesn’t help that the Duchess of Sussex has no confirmation if she’s back for another season of the podcast.

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