St. Cloud receives grant money to help with business expansion project

(KNSI) – The Minnesota Department of Jobs and Economic Development is providing more than $5 million in funding to eight businesses, including one in St. Cloud.

Advanced Interconnect Technologies is receiving a total of $466,500. The company is expanding its Franklin Avenue headquarters by 5,000 square feet, creating 20 jobs with an average wage of $37 an hour. The total cost of the project is estimated at $3.8 million.

The money was awarded through the Minnesota Job Creation Fund (JCF), which helps businesses expand by retaining or hiring workers. Other financing comes from the Minnesota Investment Fund (MIF), which is meant for industrial, manufacturing and technology companies.

A full list of winners is provided below.

– Advanced Interconnection Technologies LLC, St. Cloud – JCF $341,500, MIF $125,000

– Altoz, Inc., Red Lake Falls – MIF $420,000

– Claw Stamping Company, Inc., Merrifield – JCF $840,000, MIF $450,000

– Gordini USA Inc., North Mankato – JCF $800,000, MIF $210,000

– Massman Companies Inc., Alexandria – JCF $175,000, MIF $150,000

– Nextern Inc., Maple Grove – JCF $450,000, MIF $600,000

– Nucleus Labs INC, Rochester – JCF $500,000, MIF $220,000

– SCR Solutions Inc., Fergus Falls – JCF $160,000


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