State of the Workforce Mental Health Report


BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – Many managers feel they lack the resources to address employee mental health concerns, according to a new report by Lyra Health.

The report found that 86% of workers experienced at least one mental health challenge in the past year, but only 33% received mental health care in the past year.

Dr. Joe Grasso, Senior Director of Workforce Transformation at Lyra Health, joins First News on Four to share the key findings of Lyra Health 2023. State of the Workforce Mental Health Report And discuss how employers can develop a mentally healthy workforce.

Dr. Grasso said, “What we’ve done in our survey of employees, managers and HR leaders about the workforce and mental health is that the occurrence of mental health conditions is very common.”

By 2023, a further 60% of workers will have their mental health impacting their work, the report suggests.

“It’s going to be really clear that this is an area of ​​responsibility not just for the individual employee, but for the employer as well,” Grasso said.

Grasso also talked about what employers can do to strengthen workplace safety and protect the mental health of employees and managers.

“Make sure you take your time off as a manager and make sure you’re completely disconnected or offline so when your team takes time off, it’s time to be completely away,” Grasso said. “Also, set limits around your work hours so employees know it’s not unusual for this group to send emails at 7 or 8 at night.”

You can read the full report over here And browse the list of resources posted on Lira website.


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