Stockdale High School graduates create coffee business with Barista Bot


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – Two Stockdale High School graduates are building their entrepreneurial skills with a specialty coffee business, and their chief operating officer’s batteries just don’t need a break.

Avia Shukla and Sanath Sharma became friends when they both started playing tennis at Stockdale High School. Now a few years later they are entering the coffee industry with a single robot.

The pair built a robotic coffee machine that produces more than 150 selections at the push of a button. No one has to lift a finger to make the coffee. At least, not human.

“Depending on what you order, what kind of milk you get, whether you want syrup or not, it’s taken by different machines because each one has different functions,” explains Shukla, one half of the duo that founded Bru Bros. What we are trying to do is to see the potential of this coffee robot, how it can change the coffee industry, and our goal is just to make a brand, to make Bru Bros a big, quality fix for everyone.

To begin with, the two had to figure out legal procedures, insurance and health permits. They also had to choose the right logo. But their main goal was to find their signature flavor. They found it all the way in Costa Rica.

“When we first started, it was about a year of specific research on what kind of robot we wanted, what kind of machinery we wanted in the robot, and the core of the concern was perfecting the coffee beans,” he explained. Sharma, the other half of the duo.

“Once we knew all this, we realized from a business perspective. [that] We know that the robot’s happiness will last for a long time, so we need a very good coffee bean, says Shukla.

All customers have to do is walk up to an ordering kiosk, like the soda fountain machines at a major fast food chain. All they have to do is choose a drink, scan a QR code to pay and watch the magic happen.

“I adjust all the settings,” said Sharma, “like how hot the milk needs to be, how many seconds it needs to come out, and what the air temperature should be. We spent about 2 to 3 months figuring out exactly what we could do with the robot.”

In the future, Bru Bros hopes to have the robot in various locations on the East Coast and in hospitals, including providing 24/7 service to doctors and nurses.

“I would say that both of us are interested in learning about what our fathers do, the work they do in the country,” Shukla said. We both have big dreams and are trying to work together to make our dreams come true. “


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