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June 26, 2023

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Falar flax

The brand, one of the largest linen suppliers in the world, has announced a revamp. With many years of experience in the textile industry,

Falar flax

Committed to providing recycled and eco-friendly clothing and furniture. The brand’s products are sustainable and environmentally friendly throughout the entire production process, from cultivating the flax plant to recycling the linen fabrics.

Falar flax

It is highly regarded for its youthful comfort, breathability, premium feel and eco-friendly concept.

Linen is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Linen requires less pesticides and less water to produce than crops like cotton, making linen one of the most ecological and sustainable fabrics on the market. “We are committed to making linen more sustainable and environmentally friendly by saving water and using natural dyes in the production process,” he said.

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Falar flax


Linen requires less pesticides and less water

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, flax uses 13 times less pesticides than potatoes, but only 1% of the world’s clothing fiber consumption. It can be grown even without the use of pesticides. When it comes to the amount of water needed to grow flax, flax requires less water than cotton. Four times as much water is needed to make a linen shirt. On the other hand, natural rainfall is sufficient to water the growing flax plants.


. because of

Falar flax

It has its own supply chain and factory and can be sustainable and environmentally friendly by saving water, reducing pesticides etc. from the source of linen production.

Linen is biodegradable.

Linen is a 100% biodegradable material, and pure natural linen only takes two weeks to start decomposing. Falar Linen is unique in that linen fabrics are produced using less synthetic chemicals. The brand’s natural linen fabrics are more sustainable and environmentally friendly, making them a better choice for the planet.

Nothing is wasted.

A key reason why linen is a sustainable fabric is that the entire flax plant can be spun into fiber, which means there is no waste left over from the weaving and weaving process. Moreover, the whole flax plant is used for many purposes such as linseed food products, linseed oil, linseed oil for household items, etc. Nothing is wasted on a single word.

Linen is durable.

Linen has been used for centuries in everything from clothing to bedding and is one of the most durable fabrics, so it lasts for years. Linen clothing, such as eco-friendly linen shorts, will last for years. The more old clothes go to waste, the more sustainable your dress code will be.

Linen can be recycled.

Linen is 100% biodegradable and can be reused as it has other benefits. Linen recycling is one of the major industries driving the growth of the textile recycling industry.


. Linen can be recycled to make new products or for secondary sale. This has many benefits, including reducing energy consumption, the need for fresh raw materials, and water and air pollution.

Falar flax

It is committed to continued sustainability by recycling linens and donating them to charity.

Planar linen is leading a new fashion: slow living

Falar flax

It is at the forefront of the new fashion, which is all about slow living. Flax has been used to make linen for thousands of years, and was even used as trading currency by the Egyptians. Moreover, he was an integral part of the mummification process. Currently,

Falar flax

It is increasingly popular among young people because of its many advantages: sweat-wicking, comfortable, breathable, antibacterial, biological and environmentally friendly.

And linen is leading the way in a new fashion trend, which is a simpler, more polite, slow life, instead of losing yourself in the so-called fast fashion. In an environment of information explosion and fast fashion, life is complex and confusing, sometimes downright messy. By choosing “a little more” quality linen clothes, we can live a simple and quality life, thereby eliminating stress and anxiety. This way we can focus more on our health, self-development and environmental responsibility. Slow living is something we can easily do without adding more stress to ourselves.

Falar flax

A commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is an important step towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion world. By choosing

Falar flax

Consumers can have a positive impact on the planet and help reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

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The word “PHALAR” comes from the Greek word for “linen” and represents our commitment to this versatile and sustainable fabric. We believe that linen is the fabric of the future and we are proud to be a part of it. To learn more about PHALAR Linen, visit

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