Sweat, but make it fashionable. Our 12 tips to look beautiful when the heat is on

As the temperature rises, reach for the simple tones in your closet. Dark clothes like black and dark blue pieces will make you warmer. It is a proven fact that dark clothing absorbs more heat than light colored clothing, because it absorbs more light, making it hotter when you are outside in the sun; Yes, your dark clothing basically draws more heat to your body. You can be perfectly fashionable in some pastels, whites or other light colors. Stock your wardrobe with light colored cottons and other natural fabrics – the options are endless with muted colors and pastels. For your bottoms, khaki shorts and pants offer a light tan option that goes with everything. We recommend donning a pair of fashionable white jeans all year round.

Of course, if you’re a fan of dark clothing, you can still wear it. You just need to find ways to help your black color stay cool. You can start by mixing your darks with some lighter colors – any light colored loose button up shirt looks great with a black tank top underneath or for a edgier look, pair it with a black crop top. Cami or sports bra. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, we say skip the dark or grab that black parasol and experience the Victorian vibe.

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