Swimming pools will open at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood after the health department gives permission


LAS VEGAS (AP) — Swimming pools have reopened at the Planet Hollywood hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, more than two weeks after local health officials ordered them closed because of “water chemistry violations” and inattentive lifeguards, officials said Wednesday.

Caesar’s Entertainment, the corporate owner of the casino-hotel, and the Southern Nevada Health District said on Wednesday that the property was the subject of the June 12 pool closure order.

Neither the company nor the health district responded immediately to questions about whether swimmers were sick, injured or at risk before the pools were closed.

Authorities in Nevada say a 911 text from a woman in Boulder City saying she was kidnapped led Las Vegas police to say an armed suspect in an SUV shot at least two other people.

Swimming is not allowed in the pools at Planet Hollywood Resort on the Las Vegas Strip after health inspectors found problems with the water and lifeguards.

Nevada’s top U.S. Senate Democrat is backing a proposal to build a new aqueduct beneath a federal conservation area to serve suburban Las Vegas. US Sen.

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo signed a $380 million public financing package to help build a Major League Baseball stadium for the Oakland Athletics on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Fourth of July holiday in Las Vegas is expected to be busy with tourism, and the National Weather Service forecast calls for daytime temperatures to break 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 Celsius) on Saturday and Sunday.


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