Taiwan Tech Arena Startup RedEye Protects People and the Environment with Revolutionary Optical Detection Technology

TAIPEI, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan-based biomedical company Taiwan RedEye Biomedical Inc. is revolutionizing the health and safety industry by combining advanced ICT and medical expertise and providing state-of-the-art optical detection technology embedded in innovative products to give customers a safe, fast, and efficient way to assess everyday items. The company recently unveiled their technology at VivaTech 2022 in Paris, France to other startups and leaders to demonstrate the company’s latest innovation.

Innovative products

RedEye has sights on critical industries such as Smart health, food safety, and environmental protection, as well as consumables and other optical devices.

In the health sector, RedEye is leading the way in innovative technology with products such as its visible spectrophotometer called RedEye 1 Plus, a detection device rated for clinical use and utilized for health management at home. It can detect substances that absorb signals from 500-600 nm in the light spectrum, which can detect symptoms of diseases in their early stages.

RedEye also has other consumer-centric products, such as the PetEye 1, an optical device that can help detect the traces of urinary system infections and diseases in cats by detecting blood in cat litter and pet diaper pads.

Other ingenious products include a Pollutants analyzer, PestiEye, which is a quick check device of washing water on vegetables and fruits, a portable photometer, an optical diode array, and optical measuring filter paper. All these products are manufactured in Taiwan and designed to protect people’s health and the environment.

Revolutionary optical technology

All these products are enabled by RedEye’s optical technology, which has patents in it China, the United States, and other countries. Aside from its existing product design, RedEye can also work with companies to create specialized detection products to suit their needs, either through licensing its technology or through the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) method.

For its innovative technology and unique approach, RedEye has already garnered multiple recognition, even though it was founded in 2017 in Hsinchu. It already won the 16th National Innovation Award in 2019

As of now, RedEye is continuing to expand its 16-member team, focusing on research and development as well as partnerships with other companies worldwide. While primarily operating in Taiwan, Japanand the Asia-Pacific region, RedEye is available for partnerships and engagements in other parts of the world. If you’re interested in RedEye’s optical technology and hi-tech products, you can visit its website at www.redeyebmi.com


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