TAP Air Portugal has introduced a new meal in the business class

Earlier today, TAP Air Portugal announced a new partnership with The Art Of Tasting Portugal to showcase cuisine from different regions of Portugal in its business. Long-haul international flights already have a menu as part of the new initiative, which will last for two years.

Renovating the dining room

TAP’s new partnership will run for two years from this month until April 2025. As part of his partnership, he was named. local stars, Business class passengers are served food from a variety of local chefs. The goal is to highlight food from different regions of Portugal on TAP flights. A new menu is introduced every two months, created by each chef in the program.

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Along with the new menus, TAP produced a series of videos highlighting the region each menu/dish comes from and the chef preparing the food served on board. The Business Class menu this month and next will highlight Lisbon and feature Henrique Sa Pessoa. Pessoa is a celebrity in Portugal and a chef at a two-mission-starred restaurant. Alma Pessoa’s menu is centered around Lisbon’s famous grouper. The fish is very popular because of its mild taste, and grouper stew is a popular Portuguese dish.

“TAP is the largest showcase of Portugal in the world, and our aircraft is one of the most powerful vehicles for promoting Portugal.” – Silvia Mesgira, Chief Commercial and Revenue Officer, TAP

Patricia Dias, co-founder The art of tasting PortugalThey added

Promoting Portugal as a gastronomic destination with its diversity and quality is the aim of Portugal Tasting.

With TAP Air Portugal. This partnership, of which we are very proud, strengthens the strategy of strengthening the national territory and society.

The Azores, Algarve, Madeira, Viseu and Braganca will be highlighted later this year. The famous São Jorge cheese from the Azores will be the focus of the next menu from May to June, while octopus from the Algarve will be the focus of the menu in July and August.

American carrier JetBlue announced changes to its on-board dining offerings in early February. Like TAP, JetBlue has partnered with a local dining project to provide in-flight meals. In the year In 2020, New York’s Delicious Hospitality Group (DHG) signed a two-year deal with JetBlue. The dishes served have been so successful that the new menu includes dishes from DHG’s restaurant Charlie Bird.

JetBlue Mint Refresh

Photo: JetBlue

Passengers flying JetBlue Mint (Premium) on transatlantic flights are now being served new dishes such as mushroom lasagna, Italian clam soup and burrata with baby batter and breadcrumbs on lunch and dinner flights. In the core, passengers are served food from DHG, including build-your-own dining concepts. Over the years, JetBlue has been widely recognized for its in-flight dining, earning more recognition than most major carriers in the US.

What do you think of TAP’s new partnership and menus? What was the best meal on the flight? Let us know in the comments below.

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