Tarun Tahiliani: Indian fashion has to be very sensual.


Designer Tarun Tahilini showcased his new collection titled Sheer Drama where he showcased the magic of curtains on the runway. Inspired by the ever-flowing essence of water, the drapes play with whimsical edges to create intuitive images. The timeless Indian drape, the spring-summer collection essays the tradition of Tarun Tahiliani’s unmistakable ‘Indian Modern’ style, preserving its rich textile heritage and cultural identity in a cerebral simplicity for the contemporary wearer. Actress Shobhita Dhulipala turned showstopper for it. In an exclusive interview, the designer talks about his love for curtains, his favorite bridal trend and what inspires him every day.

There is something special and a hint of sensuality that you always see in a Tarun Tahiliani shirt. What inspires you to create new and interesting booth designs season after season?

TT: People asked, ‘What is the timeless curtain of India?’ – It is a sari, and what do women pair with it? It’s a dress. Many years ago I started experimenting with shirts – you know, pleated shirts, full shirts, backless cholis – my mother used to wear them when I was a child – so I always had this thing around me growing up and so, I think, that’s it. It seems like the important thing to keep working. I think Indian fashion must be very sensual. So, tonight’s show has many curtains; It has many new ways and Shobhita is based on the choli at the end of the dress, but the bottom is covered like a dhoti, and these are all different elements of Indian fashion. and carved forms.

Lakmé Sheer Drama X Tarun Tahiliani Luxe Pret Showcase with Sobhita Dulipala at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI 2 Showcase

What were the main colors in this collection?

TT: The collection includes a wide range of colors from neutrals, nudes, iridescent pastels, faded metallics and bursts of red. These colors are expressed through airy drapes, simple textures and structured drapes combined with traditional embroidery, non-traditional sprinkles and settings.

Tell us about your relationship with Lakeme this season.

TT: Presenting my vision through the lens of fashion, this collection embodies my efforts to empower every woman to look and feel I, for one, believe that finding your true self, embracing and fully expressing yourself is unapologetically being yourself. With this collection, my endeavor is to create a fashion medium that allows today’s woman to embody her Indian roots while conquering herself at the intersection of beauty and fashion.

Lakmé Sheer Drama X Tarun Tahiliani Luxe Pret Showcase with Sobhita Dulipala at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI 7 (1) Showcase

What role does beauty play in your collection? What was your inspiration?

TT: In my opinion, beauty and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Over time, the Indian woman has come to appreciate her sari, kajal, bindi and a pop of color on her lips and cheeks. With Indian heritage at the core of my collection, I tried to marry the elegance, simplicity and clarity of the two new beauty launches this fashion week – Lakmé Absolute Lip Mousse and Lakmé 9to5 CC with elements from the collection like layers, crinkles and swirls.

What advice do you have for new age brides?

TT: You know, my only new-age bride who isn’t trying to be a period costume movie character. I say just be yourself! There are cool brides I’ve seen who wear their hair down and want to play The Beatles (if they love them) on their way out. They are their true selves, not trying to be a movie star or playing a role. This is her day to share, and she’s sure to shine with Hola!

Lakmé Sheer Drama X Tarun Tahiliani Luxe Pret Showcase with Sobhita Dulipala at Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI 9 Showcase

What do you think is this season’s hottest wedding trend?

I think, at least for me, the hottest bridal trend is that more and more girls are choosing to style themselves today. There is much less difference between their views – yes, with a little dress, with good jewelry – but the difference between the image of the bride and her ordinary life (which was 50-60 years ago) has come full circle today.


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