Team Interval which is known to be the world’s fastest-growing individual tuition concept has made every way possible for the easy learning of students. By facilitating the strategy of one-to-one training, there indeed; the student gets the education in a very worthwhile and informational form. As an emerging edu tech institution in kerala interval has always pioneered the route to ardent learners. Interval has so far conducted varieties of contests and programs in making the youth and children motivated and uplifted. The goal of such a facility that prioritizes one-to-one education and individualized instruction is to initiate a new statement on the conventional education approach and alter the existing outmoded technique of schooling which benefits only a few. As an intention to enhance and motivate the students from LP to HS section interval has made a huge degree in conducting a State level Talent Search Exam named INTERVAL TALENT SEARCH which was exclusively an aptitude hunt program to find the most efficient and brilliant among thousands of students. The first phase was held on November 21 2022  And the consequent second and third phase was conducted on the 11th of February at hilite business park in which 18 students bagged the cash prize worth 1.5 lakhs and scholarship worth 25 lakhs. This indeed has become one of the most successful events this educational firm has ever enacted and the response was even huge and palpable. Interval has proficiently formulated an effective way of learning so that the student in the future won’t suffer because of the lack of attention from the teacher. Here it is just the student and the teacher and the entire platform is open up for the student for their queries and academic worries. The teacher would also be a great companion to make the process of learning easy and acceptable. The problematic side of being in a crowded class is always the way the average and below-average students get treated awfully and compared extremely. It will certainly create a bad impact and imprint poor confidence in the students. By switching to One to one education this problematic side can be completely hindered. Since because the tutor would be the one apt for the student’s potential and grasping capacity, there won’t be the probability of getting bullied and compared with the others. Team Interval thus paves a righteous way for the students who struggle, who lacks guidance and support, and who needs personal care and attention. This one-to-one strategy of education of course would be a revolutionary one in this epoch. INTERVAL has now become a fully operating tuition center with a history of successfully catering to over 15000+ students. Team interval has also thrived in employing over 8000+ teachers who have been the strongest pillars of their success and still continue to be. With approaches that are so different from conventional teaching, interval offers individual training to each student at an affordable price for students from first to twelfth grade irrespective of the syllabus they follow. By helping each student learn better, team interval is definitely leaving a footprint of its own in the education industry.  

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