Tech and biotech layoffs hit Silicon Valley, Disney cuts hit SoCal


Tech and biotech companies have cut hundreds of additional jobs in the Bay Area, with the latest effects of a major restructuring in Hollywood being felt at Disney Co’s streaming services, new government personnel documents show.

Western Digital and Qualcomm are among the high-tech companies that have decided to cut jobs in Silicon Valley, while Disney Inc. Disney’s Disney Stream Technology and Hulu have cut jobs in the Los Angeles area, according to official letters sent to the state’s employment development agency. department.

Here’s how recent layoffs are shaping up in the Bay Area and Southern California.

  • Western Digital, 211 job cuts in Milpitas
  • Twist Bioscience, 197 employees cut in South San Francisco
  • Qualcomm, 71 deductions in Santa Clara
  • In all, 62 job cuts in Santa Monica
  • Disney Stream Technology, Burbank 54 layoffs

In the latest job cuts announced, tech companies have said they plan to cut more than 25,000 Bay Area jobs in 2022 and so far in 2024, according to an analysis of EDD records by the news organization.

Of the 25,000 layoffs in the tech sector, more than 14,600 occurred in the first six months of 2023 alone. That’s more than the total of 10,400 technology cuts announced in the Bay Area in 2022, ADD WARN letters show.

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