Tech titan, media pioneer, wellness guru – 3 new books, how she did it


“Tomorrow may be better than today. Attitude is about the choices we make when faced with chaos, conflict, obstacles, and critics. – Genie Rometty in “The Power of Good”

Biographies of business executives are great additions to your career reference shelf because you can gather ideas for your career plans, get inspiration to keep going or think big, and gain insights into different industries and roles. Three books by successful women in the business world were recently discussed: “Power for Good” by former IBM CEO Ginni Rommetty; “Speak Up” by reporter and former CBS News SVP Linda Mason; and “Being Seamless” by MindValley co-founder, Christina Mand-Lakiani. These new books cover a variety of industries, and the lessons shared are relevant to all industries and roles.

Good power By Gini Rometi IBiography of IBM’s ninth CEO and first female CEO in their history. This book is an instructional memoir told in three parts: 1) Rometty shares her personal journey from college to four decades at IBM. 2) Rommetty shares leadership lessons and advice as he takes on bigger management responsibilities. and 3) Rometty writes about legacy and stewardship, including accessibility and DEI initiatives in the tech industry.

If you’re looking for career advice, this book offers many gems on networking, dealing with conflict, taking risks, and bouncing back.

“Give mistakes. But also know, the only mistakes you’ll regret are the ones you don’t learn from.” – Genie Rometty in “The Power of Good”

If you’re a tech historian, Rometti’s 40-year career offers a fascinating window into key moments in tech history (remember, IBM’s Watson was a Jeopardy champion.) If you’re looking for inspiration, Rometti’s candid discussion of her struggles and successes behind the scenes to reach the top of a large company It shows what it takes (IBM has $100 billion in revenue, 1 million plus shareholders, and over 350,000 employees).

“Sometimes you have to rock the boat. Don’t take someone’s ‘no way’ as ‘no way’.” – Linda Mason in “Speak Up”

Speak up By Linda Mason, it’s her story of how she rocked the boat and rose from desk assistant to SVP of CBS News for 50 years in journalism at CBS Radio. Mason shares the different jobs she’s done and the stories she’s covered. Her best career advice is summed up in the title of her book.

“The tips are simple: work hard, ask questions and speak up when the time is right.” – Linda Mason in “Speak”.

Mason also talks about the importance of support at home – from both spouse and children – as well as support from various advisors, colleagues and executives. She cited being the first woman in multiple roles, as well as the difficulties of balancing personal and professional commitments. However, she doesn’t share many details here, so if you’re looking for a roadmap to negotiating a promotion, you won’t find it here.

However, they are inspired by her work ethic and courage to travel the world and immerse herself in breaking stories. Given her long tenure, her work has captured some of the biggest newsmakers in recent history – the rise of Fidel Castro in Cuba, the Tiananmen Square protests, the Bush-Gore election and the hanging Chads, 9/11. In this way, Speak up It’s also a good choice for media history buffs.

“If you want to master the most important art of all—the art of living—you need only one skill. It’s the hardest skill of all—the ability to let go (and enjoy the ride). If you want to fly, you have to let go forever instead of hanging on to that bungee cord.” – Christina Mand-Lakiani In being flawless”.

Flawed by Christina Mand-Lakiani Although Mand-Lakiani sometimes uses her own experiences as examples. The book is about accepting yourself, flaws and all (hence the play on words, flawed + awesome). At the end of each chapter, there are suggestions to help you apply the lessons from the chapter to your specific situation. The book isn’t specific to career development, but its focus on self-care and self-esteem is useful for professionals who feel burned out or need the confidence to negotiate a career move or raise.

“The best gift you can give the world is your happiness.” – Christina Mand-Lakiani in “Being Flawless”.

Books are great additions to your career management career.

Whether it’s how-to books like these new books or The Disaster Paradox, reading books should have a place in your career. what are you reading

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