Texas panel recommends GOP lawmaker be fired for sexual misconduct.


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  • A Texas legislative committee has recommended that a lawmaker be fired for inappropriate behavior, the Associated Press reported.
  • The committee’s report alleges that 45-year-old GOP Rep. Brian Slaten had sex with a 19-year-old.
  • The report also stated that they abused their power and harassed them.

A committee in the Texas Legislature has recommended that a lawmaker be expelled from a school for inappropriate sexual relations with a teenage intern.

The House Investigates Committee unanimously recommended that Rep. Brian Slaton, 45, be fired after he allegedly had sex with a 19-year-old, the Associated Press reported.

Slaten and his attorney did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on Sunday, but the attorneys previously called the claims “disgraceful” and “false,” according to the AP. The investigation into the lawmaker’s actions began after two 19-year-old legislative aides and a 21-year-old intern filed complaints last month.

He attended Slaton’s biographical seminary school in Texas House and served as a youth minister for more than a decade. He has a wife and a small child.

Slaton is among a group of Republicans who are blocking access to gender-affirming health care and pulling Queen’s story hours for children.

“Kids don’t need to focus on sex and sexuality,” he said in an interview last year, according to AP. “We have to let them grow as children and let them do that as they approach adulthood.”

The investigation into Slaton’s abuse found that he gave alcohol to a teenage intern and another young employee and then got drunk once with the female intern, the AP reported. The intern was “obviously groggy” and had “dissociated vision,” the committee’s report found.

“Slaton’s misconduct is serious and egregious,” the committee report said, adding that the lawmaker abused his position, provided alcohol to a minor, violated employment laws and engaged in harassment, according to the AP.

The investigative report also said Slaton showed the young intern threatening emails and told him everything would be fine if they kept their involvement under wraps, the AP reported. Slaton also asked a fellow lawmaker to keep his behavior a secret, the outlet reported.

“Slaton’s lack of expression of remorse or remorse for his actions is disgraceful and inappropriate,” the committee report said. “Given the reasons stated above, the only appropriate disciplinary action in this case is the unanimous recommendation of the committee.”

Firing a member requires a two-thirds vote of the 150-member House, and committee chairman Andrew Moore said he expects a resolution next week calling for Slaton’s ouster, the AP reported.


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