Texas Tech football coach Joey McGuire kept his word and climbed a 220-foot crane: ‘Awesome view.’


LUBBOCK – A little before 6 p.m., minutes after the thermometer reached Monday’s high of 105 degrees, Texas Tech football coach Joey McGuire, donning a hard hat and neon yellow reflective vest, made good on his promise to Red Raiders football fans.

Not just any word. He was being watched. A promise on social media on April 19 to climb on one of the two construction cranes High above the south end zone of Texas Tech’s Jones AT&T Stadium. McGuire told his fans that if a tweet received at least 3,000 retweets, he would add one of the cranes.

On Monday, with a retweet count of 3,563, McGuire began climbing the heights of the two cranes — at 220 feet, four feet taller than the other, to no fanfare. A Dallas Morning News The reporter was one of about a dozen spectators The news McGuire, 51, is on Tech’s campus to write a profile of the Red Raiders’ second-year coach.

“Are you really going to do this?” The news McGuire asked after signing a security bond shortly before breaking ground on Tech’s $220 million South End Zone and Dustin R. Womble Football Center project.

“Yes, yes,” he said with a smile. “i can’t wait.”

Among the spectators were McGuire’s wife, Debbie, and Red Raiders quarterback Tyler Shaw. The climb took McGuire about 15 minutes. The only bobble occurred at the start of the climb, when McGuire hit one of his knees on the steepest step.

After reaching the top, McGuire yelled, “Let’s go, Debbie!” He said.

“Come back, my friend!” Debbie stepped back. “I want you to come down!”

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In the year On April 19, after Joey McGuire promised to climb the crane, his daughter Ragen, a Texas Tech graduate, responded on Twitter: “Hi, Dad, can we wait to do this if you walk down the aisle in a few weeks please?

Debbie added on Ragan’s Twitter feed: “Eh. . . I’m not doing this, McGuire!!!”

In 1953, when Edmund Hillary scaled Mount Everest, McGuire proved to be on top of his time in a different way. Along with several construction workers, McGuire worked the crane’s levers to slowly swing to the left. Isn’t that every child’s dream? To make a real crane?

After sipping a diet coke back on land, the beam said McGuire. The news That he had no worries on the trip.

“No, I’m not afraid of heights, so I was actually hoping they’d let me bungee off it, but they said it’s a little high. They were like, ‘Coach, we’ll let you climb it, but we won’t let you bungee.’

“I thought it was amazing. The view was amazing. “

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