Texas Tech signee Ameer Washington adds state track experience.

Amir Washington couldn’t sleep Wednesday night. His mind was racing in anticipation of the University Interscholastic League state track and field championships.

The little Cypress-Mauriceville senior is just weeks away from joining the Texas Tech football team. He’s a key part of the Red Raiders’ recruiting class on the defensive line, but on Thursday, Washington was fully invested in the state’s shooting guard.

He placed sixth with a mark of 52 feet, 3 inches. A medal would have been nice, but Washington was still in the final moments of his accomplished high school athletic career.

“How can you not enjoy this?” Washington talked about the state track and field championships. “Even though I could have done a little better, it was a great experience.”

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At 6-foot-3, 245 pounds, Washington was a much-maligned sack-artist on the tiny Cypress-Mauriceville defensive line last fall. He was a member of the Beaumont Enterprise Super Gold team and a consensus three-star recruit before signing with Texas Tech.

Little Cypress-Mauriceville coach Jeff Brews saw firsthand how effective Washington was on the defensive line. Brecks is the assistant head coach of the Bears football team.

He also spent several days this spring in shooting practice with Washington.

“He’s been working hard every day to be the best at this event,” Breaux said. “Little did a great job representing Cypress-Mauriceville here at state.”

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Washington said his shooting practice provided a key benefit to his defensive skills.

“My right fist is a lot stronger now, so that’s one way it’s helped,” Washington said. “Now I have to get in the gym and work on getting my left breast as strong as it is.”

Texas Tech fans are hoping to see Washington sack Big-12 quarterbacks soon.

“I can’t wait to be in Lubbock and get going,” Washington said.

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