That’s all part of the crystal-ball business.


We were deceived! We have been repeatedly told that there is no gambling at Bushwood and now we have discovered that it has been going on secretly since at least 2016. Oh shame! It is “Copacetic-gate”! With that statement, Wes really cut it to the woods!

I’ll give the kid the car keys for two days and come back hereā€¦

What is our X factor that we need this year?

Punching skills. In my opinion, red zone/goal-to-go failures cost the Packers three wins last season – the Giants game in London and the two games in Detroit. That was the difference between 8-9 and 11-6.

Richard from Caledonia, WI

good morning! Love your work, very informative and interesting insights… GM Gutekunst seems to have hinted at two safeties going forward in the interview. Which safeties will not return next season? Obvious draft picks or free agents?

Adrian Amos and Rudy Ford are both headed to free agency, and that’s not to say neither will return, but Gutekenst certainly pointed to safety as a roster need. As we mentioned late last week, there’s a lot to sort out in the secondary, such as the best spots for Darnell Savage and Russell Douglas moving forward. I’m very much in wait and see mode with that space team.

Reading between the lines of what BG did, are you surprised that Amos isn’t coming back? I know we can’t have everyone but I sure would be upset if he wasn’t in Green Bay anymore. I feel like he epitomizes what a packer is all about. How do you record the FA signature and time here?

Amos has done exactly what the Packers need for four years – provide a reliable, steady presence for a mostly young secondary. He rarely gets out of position or makes a mental mistake, and has doubled his interceptions to seven in four years over the same tenure in Chicago. A quiet humble leader. I’m sure there’s still some left, but he’s looking for one last crucial payday when he turns 30 next month, which will make it difficult for the Packers to keep him. let’s see.

Spike is from Crescent City, FL

Will the Packers host another team in training camp this year? If yes, do we know who it will be and when they will be here? PS: I miss the good old days of Cheese League.

I haven’t heard anything about another group visiting in August, but this regime has sought these opportunities and may do so again. Follow it.

I saw in a recent article by Evan Siegel that when a team plays eight home games, the offensive players come in for four of the games and the defensive players come in for the remaining four. Who will get the starting lineup for the ninth home game of the regular season?

We should know by 2024.

Bad year for Bobby Tonian to hit free agency…you’ve seen 40 times for this draft class of TEs…wow!

For more than a decade now, the college game has been churning out wide receivers left and right every year, and it’s no surprise that that trend has shifted to pass-catching tight ends in recent years. There are so many explosive athletes out there, and everyone is looking for the next Travis Kelce, George Kittle or Darren Waller.

Every time I see Darnell Washington, he becomes my draft favorite. With his work on the sled at the combine and modeling his game after Big Dog, I have to believe he’s becoming a favorite of ML and Gute. What are our chances in round 2?

who knows? Some analysts have Washington ranked the No. 2 tight end between Notre Dame’s Meyer and Utah’s Kincaid. He put on a show at the combine and may have moved himself into the first round. In fact, nothing can be said.

Paula is from Apple Valley, MN

I was looking at pictures of the current Packers combine. Do the numbers on their singles indicate their rank in that position?

No. They are alphabetical by location.

Will the Packers look to possibly land Nolan Smith? And if they do, and I’m sure it won’t be the only reason, but you’ll see some valuable synergy to have four starters on the Packers’ D all playing together in the same college, even if only for a short period of time. Were the four together in the same field?

I think college teammates benefit from the bonding off the field by helping each other through the transition to the NFL. I don’t see much use on the field. It’s a fast and different game at this level.


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