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J Jill is one of my favorite retailers, and their clothes are top quality. I recently placed a big order (you’ll see all of this soon) and I can’t wait to show you all the great jeans from Jejil that I’ve tried on. Sizes vary, so I’ll let you know my thoughts on how they fit.

For size reference I am 5’6″ tall and weigh around 150-155. My usual size in jeans is an 8 or medium.

Boyfriend jeans from J.G

I love everything about this pair of jeans!!! I thought I’d start the post with my favorite pair. The silhouette is flattering, and even though they’re boyfriend style, I don’t think they’re baggy or loose. I’m wearing my usual size 8, and they fit great. These are the guards!

I’m wearing the same navy shell in all the photos. I love this shell, and I think it fits perfectly. It comes in many colors, and comes in black, white, aqua and violet. Great fit, good quality, and I wear it so often, I’ve ordered multiples.

Queens is another retailer I’ve fallen in love with. Their quality is excellent, the price is good for the item, and they have an amazing 365 day return policy. I ordered two of their Italian leather bags, and they are both beautiful. The dark taupe is beautiful and will be great this fall, but I think I’ll replace it with the gold leather.

Raffia slide shoes are a great neutral. The golden square on the band elevates the look of the shoe, but if you’re going to wear it all day, you might want to rub some sunscreen on your feet. I also ordered these in black, and they are SHARP!

I thought I’d like these pants with jeans, but I don’t care how they look on me.

I wear a normal size 8, but the jeans are too big for me. I doubt reducing the size will fix my issue, so these will be going back. However, I liked the look of the pants, and if they had fit through my hips, I would have loved them even more.

This pair of jeans looks the same, but they fit me better. They have an elastic waistband in the back which helped them fit my waist.

I have a full leg, and between this pair of jeans and men’s pants; I really like this pair. I love the yellow Tory Burch tote, and have been carrying it around lately. It pairs well with all my summer outfits, and even looks great in fall.

You can usually see it on my face if I like what I’m showing. These jeans are my favorite!!!

I love the look of baggy flared jeans. The strap is threaded so you don’t have to worry about trying to make the bottles look the same. It’s a real struggle for me sometimes. These jeans fit me really well, so my usual size 8 is perfect. I added this beautiful leather case to the look. The clutch can be worn for a date night, or it can be worn with regular jeans.

These jeans combine two extremely popular trends; Wide legs and crops.

These crops fit well, and I love the casual style. Wash is a great color that looks good in the summer. I usually wear light to medium wash jeans in the summer, and medium to dark washes in the fall and winter.

Here’s another handbag I bought from Quince, this large tote is beautiful, and you can tell it’s a high quality product the minute you open the box. The woven look is very popular, and I love that the bag is leather.

This last look is a combination of two things I first tried out in March when I was experimenting with Jejil’s spring styling. Because of the wider seams, the crops are slightly more worn than the tops. These are button-up jeans, and I love the look of them, but they can be a pain when you need to go to the bathroom. Between the two pairs of crops, I like the other the best.

I left this utility jacket in the store back in March and have regretted it ever since. I finally ordered the jacket, and have worn it several times. Lol!

Over 50 fashion blogger Tania Stephenson wears the best jeans from JJJ 1-6.

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