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Mitchell Beazley, who is part of the Octopus publishing team Destination Best: Finding your way to find you in the best way yet By fashion director Anna Murphy Times.

Publisher Alison Starling has acquired world rights in all languages ​​directly from the author. It will be published on March 2.

The synopsis reads: “At 50, Anna Murphy feels more visible than ever in her life and her new book offers a wise and inspiring guide to living life as an older woman from the practical side (how to dress). your best) to existence (how you feel your best).

Excellent destination It’s not about impossible goals. It’s not about denying the aging process or trying to erase its symptoms. Neither is letting everything go. It’s about balance. It’s about the possible and the now. How to lift and smooth your face naturally? Should you go gray and if so, how? How do you cope with menopause? Anna combines her knowledge of fashion and beauty from years of writing and her openness to alternative ways of thinking found in disciplines such as yoga and Chinese medicine.

“[Murphy] She knows the power of clothes and shares her tricks to find your way into a wardrobe that not only changes how you look, but also how you feel.

She draws on the wisdom of writers as diverse as Pema Chodron, Eckhart Tolle, Nora Ephron and Mary Oliver to deliver her message, the publisher continued. “She writes about letting go of what doesn’t serve you and embracing what does, creating relationships that benefit you and others, and finding your purpose in both your personal and professional life.”

Starling said: “I’ve long admired Anna Murphy’s cheerful, witty approach to fashion and the strength of her clothes, but it was fantastic. Times Article ‘This is what 50 looks like’ It prompted me to approach her. Excellent destination. The wide-ranging, thoughtful advice she offers in this beautifully written book will be useful for women at any stage of life.

“I’ve spent the last two decades of my life studying how to get better and thinking about how to get better,” Murphy says. I thought this was just for my eyes and more and more friends are asking to keep me updated on my findings from time to time. I think that should have been a clue that I was onto something. Either way, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to write my findings for a wider audience.

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