The Christian Dior film series is more than a fashion show, says the producer


the host Lawrence of Bonaventure Of late, the blockbuster has focused on the business side, in between Transformers: Rise of the Beast And what comes next Meg 2: Trench And Madame Web. One of his next projects will come out Christian Dior Series The new view starred Ben Mendelsohn In a leading role as a fashion icon. Commissioned by Apple TV+ last year, the show focuses on Dior and the legendary designer’s work. Coco Chanelplayed by Juliet BinocheIn WWII-era Paris.

While sitting with Bonaventura to do an extensive interview The rise of beastsColliders Steve Weintraub He asked for more information on what to expect. The new view And how to collect series. For starters, the producer dives into the setting and period to determine how to frame the story. Both Dior and Chanel have a proven track record in France for their respective roles in the Nazi occupation. Chanel was a known anti-Semitic who directly supported the Nazis as an informant and ran in social circles with many senior officers. Dior, on the other hand, had a more complicated relationship when he created dresses for the wives of German officers Lucien tender.

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Focusing on the wartime period, Bonaventura teased that there is more depth to the series than just exploring the fashion business. “First of all, it takes place during World War II when the Nazis occupied Paris, so it’s more than a fashion show,” he said. All the big names in the business are represented. “I mean, obviously we respect our fashion, but you’re really familiar with Coco Chanel, you know Dior, of course, but it’s one of the rare things about that time outside of his work. It costs people, at that time in Paris, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Givenchy…it goes on. The trademarks we know today were all created around the same time.

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Additionally, the series was designed to reflect the complex nature of Dior’s creative work in the face of the Nazis. While it’s clear that the designer will be the heart and soul of the series, his sister, who was a resistance fighter, will be used in a big way. Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Take the role. Bonaventura’s dresses for Dior, combined with the dynamics of his family, set the scene for how the human and moral conflict of what it means to be a creator in such a difficult time.

“It’s something we haven’t explored as much as possible, but we explore the dynamics of what it was like in World War II, and what is the nature of creativity? What are you willing to sacrifice to create, to live? And that’s an exciting time. So, yes, there is fashion, Dior designed them.” You see some amazing dresses, but it’s really the story of humanity at that time. And the fashion world takes center stage in that. I mean, his sister is a resistance fighter. She’s an unbelievable person. So she plays a big part in the story as well, Maisie Williams.

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The new view It will bring a lot of beautiful fashion when it is released

Bonaventura doesn’t have any exciting projects at the moment, he’s currently pushing for animation. Transformers one And a new perspective GI Joe film, but it won’t be too long until viewers can see it in the new Dior series as well. He explained The new view Targeting the first quarter of 2024, ten episodes are lined up to tell the story of Dior and Chanel. When asked where progress is currently on the series, he explained, “I mean, we’re wrapped up, but we’re on the post.” I’m not short of exciting projects these days.

When it comes down to it, one thing that’s guaranteed to be baked into the series’ DNA is great fashion. The team behind the series worked closely with Dior to ensure that each garment met the aesthetic standards of Christian Dior’s real-life work. Although they can’t exactly recreate and employ the same WWII-era swimsuits, Bonaventura makes sure they do.

“I think that the first dress will be very important, it will be scary to do it. But Dior and we were really simpatico in the whole process. So they brought us in, we used some of their marine motifs. , in a way, but with Dior, with people who know how to do it, we did it with an amazing designer, but it’s very true to what it is. Some of the dresses are a little easier, because some of the dresses take 1000 hours, you know, I don’t know, right? So We didn’t have that luxury. And they did some entertainment themselves. Dior, and we were able to use those.

One side to really enjoy in this series is Dior. Other fashion icons such as Gucci, Versace and Ferragamo have had their moment in the spotlight in one form or another in recent years, but Dior makes its mark by showing at the highest level and leading a strong creative work. BloodlineS Todd A. Kessler. That doesn’t mean you can expect to see the new collection at your local Dior store. Bonaventura says it may take a strong audience to make it happen, but the real focus of the series is to honor the respect that everyone who works with the fashion icon still has for him.

“No, I don’t think so. It might come one day, if people react like that, they can do that. But you know, it was a story they were really proud of and their presentation,” we treat him with the respect he deserves. And we had people who worked with Dior, they’re older now, but they tell you stories. One of the great things is they all say ‘Monsieur Dior, Monsieur Dior’, never ‘Christian’ or anything. The respect that ‘Dior’ has for him, still for so many years – you know, he died at 57, I want to say – it’s very unusual, you know.

It’s hard to know how the audience will go. The new viewBut Bonaventura was buoyed by the buzz among test-goers. But it’s a very interesting show and I think the best thing is that as we showed it to the audience, as we tried the pilot and all that, men and women are responding, and for different reasons the show holds a lot,” he explained. “But basically it’s about two great characters and those around them. They’re a lot of great characters.”

Stay here on Collider for more information The new view As it comes out. In the meantime, check out what he had to say below.


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