The ‘coconut girl’ fashion trend is back this season


The “coconut girl” style that came back into fashion last summer is still making waves this year with unique prints, shell jewelry and tie accessories.

Inspired by the style of California surfers, it’s a micro-trend that embraces the spirit of fun and carefree.

The message? It’s time to let go of our worries and approach our vacations with an honest, spontaneous attitude.

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Just in the year As in the summer of 2021, it is the “Coconut Girl” dress that is gaining all the attention on social media this winter, and it is expected to be seen on all beaches when the holiday season begins.

Women are ready to leave overly sophisticated clothes and overly “comfortable” clothes at home, they are ready to take to the hot sand catwalk with nostalgia, beachwear and fun, to a strong leaning towards the middle style. The beauty of the 2000s.

On an abandoned beach

Picture the setting: a wide sandy beach at sunset, a bonfire and some guitar music.

“Coconut Girl” doesn’t need much extra makeup to show off the most beautiful and colorful summer clothes.

A staple in her wardrobe is a simple, loose and flowing trouser with a crocheted crop top, she combines these elements with the brightest colors in her wardrobe, or pairs them with tropical floral patterns to make a statement.

Her secret formula is her cool attitude with subtle makeup and long hair with golden highlights.

Cliché? Sure, but evocative of a carefree California winter.

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This micro-trend, which has been gaining a lot of followers on social networks since last year, has accumulated no less than 550 million views on Tik Tok, making it the “fashion” of the summer.

In the accompanying videos, there are more exotic florals than we know what to do with – the Hawaiian shirt is about to hit again – shiny, even fluorescent, colorful crop tops, bras and colorful crochet, shorts and jumpsuits, and hats, a multi-season must-have, with chains. , bracelets and earrings with or without shells of all kinds.

As for footwear, colorful platforms are available for purchase, but espadrilles, flip-flops and other calf-strap shoes are also available. – AFP Relaxnews


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