The Dixon native will help lead SOAR at Tennessee Tech this summer


Cole Campbell

The Dixon native will help lead Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) at Tennessee Tech University this summer as part of a new group of Student Orientation Assistants (SOAs).

Cole Campbell, a freshman electrical engineering major, is one of 16 SOA students leading the two-day SOAR sessions starting May 25th and ending on August 1st.

SOAR, created by the Office of New Student and Family Programs, welcomes recent high school graduates who will join in the fall. SOAs help newly admitted students get into the university through SOAR sessions.

“I always feel honored and blessed to work with such an amazing group of students every year. They are so genuine in helping new students find their place on campus and succeed,” said Courtney Brehm, director of New Student and Family Programs.

SOA helps new students find personal, social, and academic adjustments to tech. They help new students connect with the campus community by sharing Tech traditions, introducing new students to other students, and answering questions about college life.

Campbell wanted to become an SOA after meeting SOAs during SOAR last year.

“People like Gracie Rae Austin and Russell Perry made the experience so big that I felt like I wanted to be that guy for the next few Golden Eagles,” Campbell said.

His favorite part about his own SOAR experience was signing up for classes at the end of SOAR. He said that’s when it “felt real” to him.

Campbell was torn between Tech and another university in the state. He didn’t know what he wanted to major in, which made his choice difficult.

“Once I knew I was going to major in engineering, I applied to Tech right away, and I haven’t regretted it,” Campbell said.

One of the things I love about Tech Campbell is how clean and simple the campus is.

“One of the benefits of not living in a big city is how clean you can keep your yard and how green you can make it,” Campbell said.

Campbell plans to continue his degree in electrical engineering and develop hydrogen fuel cell technology for cars in the future, or pursue computer science and start his career there.

“I didn’t know how college was going to help me, but I have to say I was never scared or nervous coming here,” Campbell said. “I was more excited to start a new chapter in my life than I was afraid to end the old one and I wanted more people to see it.”

In addition to learning effective communication and interpersonal skills, SOAs have opportunities to develop or enhance professional relationships with Tech administration, faculty, staff, and new students.

“I think the biggest credit to this program is that every time someone says they want to be a SOA, they transfer to campus because of the positive impact SOA has on them, both during and after information,” Brehm said.

Registration for SOAR in Tech is now open and sessions are filling up. Incoming Tech students are encouraged to register as soon as possible to secure their preferred SOAR date.

For more information about SOAR, including session dates and registration, visit


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