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Essence GU spoke with multi-talented fashion designer Antoine Gregory about being black in the fashion industry on his first day at Creative House.

Gregory serves as a fashion pillar in the industry for the next generation, so it’s worth keeping up with our content editor, Daniel Wright, for an intimate conversation with the fashion expert about all things inclusive, the future and advice. The next generation. Here are the gems we picked up during their conversation.

When working with brands, Gregory encourages black creatives to set and enforce boundaries in their partnerships. “We’ve been in a position for a long time, not in a position to ask, just accepting the first offer, taking what was given to us. Now we have the power to say hi, that’s not enough,” he told GU. “We’re going to tell you what to do when you have a specific partner that says, hey, but no, I have followers and people who want something very different. You have a brand image, you have a culture behind it. This is what young designers should do more of.

Antoine runs The Black Fashion Show, an e-commerce platform featuring a tradable directory of Black-owned brands. “When you actually go online for the first time and say, ‘Hey, I want to buy from a black designer,’ I put them all in one place. Then, obviously, retailers are like, ‘Hey, how can you support us black designers?’ And that’s why you see designers at Saks and Nordstrom. We’ve done a lot of work.

As we all struggle with imposter syndrome, Gregory looks to his community for strength. “I think it’s important to have a good network of friends. We all go through impostor syndrome and we go through it together, and having a good network helped me say, ‘Okay, you’re doing this job, it’s hard, and sometimes you don’t get enough credit for the work you’ve done. But do as we believe you, we see you and we believe in your vision. So that was always very helpful. “

Black encourages creatives to never refrain from going “over the top” in their style.

“I feel like black culture and people when it comes to fashion, they really lead the trends. If we weren’t creative as a people, we wouldn’t have all these great outfits and ways to express ourselves,” he said. We will.” Gregory also added that statement pieces are now IT.

“We’re at the forefront, we recognize ownership and the younger generation has a lot of ownership over the market product,” Gregory said. They’re owning it, they’re like ‘this brand is what it is’ on TikTok. They are very honest about what is happening in fashion. They have a lot of access that we didn’t have.”

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