The Maryland Department of Health, Department of Environmental Protection urges Marylanders to be vigilant about red air quality.


JIn the year 29th 2023

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Maryland Department of Health, Environmental Protection urges Marylanders to exercise caution due to Code Red levels of unhealthy air quality in the state.

Baltimore, MD. The Maryland Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Protection are urging Maryland residents to take precautions as Maryland is once again under lockdown. Code Red Air Quality Alert Today due to wildfires in Canada. As smoke and particulate matter from the wildfires continue to spread across the state and region, departments are advising Marylanders to expect unhealthy weather conditions.

“We are working closely with the Maryland Department of Environmental Protection to monitor the impact of the wildfires burning in Canada on air quality in Maryland. Today, we urge everyone to stay indoors as much as possible, especially those suffering from any respiratory illness,” said Health Department Secretary Laura Herrera Scott. If you have to, consider wearing N95, KN95 and FFP2 masks to reduce inhalable particles.”


Air quality is currently at unhealthy levels for everyone in many areas of Maryland, and is forecast to be unhealthy across the state today. Maryland residents should limit time spent outdoors and avoid long or strenuous work until air quality improves. Anyone exposed to air pollution should avoid any outdoor activities, including young children, the elderly, people with breathing problems such as asthma, or people with heart disease. People who must be outside, such as those who work outdoors, should be alert for symptoms such as difficulty breathing.

“The Maryland Department of Environmental Protection is closely monitoring air quality and weather to provide information on the effects of wildfire smoke in Quebec,” said Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Serena McIlwain. “We ask that Marylanders be aware of the air quality forecasts available to us. Social media platforms And websiteHe said.

Departments are advised to follow the following Air quality action guideIt includes information on how to prevent the negative effects of polluted air. For a red alert, everyone should limit outdoor activities and follow these recommendations.

  • Stay home if you have lung or heart disease

  • An air conditioner can improve the air quality in the home

  • Masks (such as N95s, KN95s) reduce inhalable particles

  • Be alert for breathing problems in children, especially children with lung problems such as asthma

  • Check neighbors and relatives with chronic health problems

Go to for the latest air quality forecasts


The Maryland Department of Health is committed to protecting and improving the health and well-being of all Marylanders through disease prevention, access to care, quality management, and community engagement.

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