The owner of Cafe Di Mongo has apologized to the man who ruined his business in downtown Detroit

Detroit – When the cognac arrives, the piano player plays softly in a space no bigger than a jewel box above a bar or club.

Cafe Di Mongo is what it really looks like: a modern lounge where the rich, famous, famous, and everyday socialize, all run by Larry Mongo.

The past is filled with material that could fill a book on Detroit’s Purple Gang, bootlegging and numbers games. He tells you that he knows what a real criminal is like, that’s why Jared Geck, 21, was caught on camera throwing a chair through the front window of Cafe Di Mongo for no apparent reason.not surprised.

Detroit police tracked him down, arrested and charged him. That’s when Mongo’s phone rang.

“His brother Joey called me,” Mongo said. ‚ÄúThat could be a young rapper. His brother was talking fast, explaining to him what it meant.”

He apologizes, admits he did it to his brother, and details some of the things that happened. Mongo, who had seen everything in his life, made a decision.

“Instinctively, he met me off I-73, pulled in, and I knew it wasn’t a lie,” Mongo said.

Mongo gives Geek a break and goes to court him.

Friday (May 12) The family paid the price of the window and came to apologize in person.

Mongo asks Geek’s father, who is in the construction industry, to pay him and provide work experience for qualified minority candidates.

“Your son got a second chance,” Mongo said. “Give a kid out there a first chance.”

Check out the surveillance footage below

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