The region will get $5.8 million from the NBRC for economic development

Vermont Business Magazine U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), along with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), Congressman Peter Welch (D-Vermont) and Governor Phil Scott, and the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC) announced the 14 Vermont communities Wednesday. It will receive a total of $5.8 million from NBRC’s State Economic and Infrastructure Development Program.

Senate Treasurer Leahy has supported funding for the NBRC, achieving funding increases in each of the past five fiscal years. NBRC supports economic development in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Maine.

Leah said: “This current round of grants will bring federal dollars back to address real issues, including housing and child care. These funds will build infrastructure to support future development, as well as workforce development and training. This round of funding is an investment in our current and future.

“It’s no secret that we live in difficult times,” Sanders said. That’s why it’s especially important today to invest in our communities and make sure Vermonters receive the resources they need. This federal funding — the largest investment ever made in community-based projects — will do just that. Among other things, it expands health centers, creates affordable housing, improves public lands and outdoor recreation, provides job training in critical areas such as child education and health care, and increases child care center capacity. Simply put, it improves the lives of Vermonters in our state, which is exactly what the federal government should be doing.

“From revitalizing a beloved community health center in River Wells to revitalizing local infrastructure in Winooski, this round of state economic and infrastructure awards will invest heavily in our community,” Welch said. I am pleased to be involved in the process of securing this important funding with Senators Leahy and Sanders. And I am grateful for the leadership of the staff of the Northern Borderlands Commission and the Vermonters who are at the forefront of these important projects. Together, we can continue to work to expand economic opportunity, improve local infrastructure, and build healthier communities in Vermont.

Scott said, “Vermont’s 2022 slate includes investments in 11 counties, a very diverse landscape over the years. These awards will deploy millions for economic and infrastructure development – priorities for my administration. We look forward to the transformative impact these investments will have in the coming years, and I thank Senator Leahy and the entire Congressional delegation for their support in Washington.

“This year’s government economic and infrastructure awards focus on the natural strengths of our region, with four regions receiving $24.2 million in community projects by the commission. Through new trails and outdoor recreation infrastructure, workforce development and job creation programs, and basic water and sewer infrastructure investments, these resources will increase economic opportunities for the region’s residents,” said NBRC Federal Chairman Chris Sanders. “The Commission is particularly proud that this year’s projects have reached the smallest and most rural areas in New York and New England.”

One of the recipients, Otter Creek Child Center, will receive $350,000 as part of an $829,000 renovation and expansion project. “When completed, the Community Child Care Expansion Project will increase child care capacity in rural Addison County by adding 77 child care spaces in a state-of-the-art, ADA-compliant facility,” said Linda January, executive director of Otter Creek Child Center. “This project is our hope for the corporate, higher education and nonprofit sectors to collaborate in new and innovative ways to create a model for the rest of Vermont to address the chronic child care affordability problem. It impacts every sector.”

A $460,020 grant to the city of Hinesburg will help pay for a $911,000 expansion of the city’s potable water system, which will allow for an 87 percent increase in capacity and the construction of 66 fixed-rate homes. “The NBRC award will bring many benefits to Hinesburg and the region. Locally, it will double the city’s potable water capacity at a reduced cost to customers. Regionally, that additional capacity will help address the housing shortage in Hinesburg, which needs significant housing development,” said Hinesburg’s city manager. Todd Audit said.

The remaining awards are:

  • Bennington County Industrial Corporation – $350,000: Supports 92,000 square feet of mixed-use, energy-efficient building construction, Southwestern Vermont Health Care (SVHC) space, retail space and the creation of 63 new downtown homes.
  • Little River Health Care – $350,000: Supports the creation of 10 new exam rooms, two new operating rooms, eight offices, a laboratory, a new group medical visit room and a reception area.
  • Lake Champlain Sailing Center – $350,000: Supports construction of a boat ramp, universal access learning pier, safe launch area and deep dive tanks, improving functionality and safety, expanding lake access and educational opportunities.
  • Porter Medical Center – $346,223: Supports the creation of a simulation laboratory to provide entry-level training and advanced education for health care workers.
  • Springfield Area Parent Child Center – $196,732.50: Supports the purchase of a nearby building to increase capacity for a co-educational program that provides education and intensive job skills training for teenage and young parents.
  • City of Lyndon – $350,000: Supports the restoration of the Sanborn Bridge, one of the last remaining Paddleford truss covered bridges in the United States and one of only two in Vermont, and will create a 1.5-acre riverfront park adjacent to the bridge. Connecting nearby recreational trails and waterways.
  • City of Greensboro – $153,553: Supports the creation of a trailhead center with parking, bike racks, tables, chairs, artwork, flower pots, restrooms and vending machines, a food truck pad and construction for a new business complex.
  • City of Winooski – $817,908.37: Supports the Winooski Falls East Development Project and Main Street Improvement Project with sidewalks, water and sewer improvements, undergrounding of telecom and cable lines, and future high commercial and residential development accessible by foot, bike and public transportation. .
  • Rutland Economic Development Corporation – $89,746.40: Supports over 40 acres of prime developable real estate to create a resource base, allowing the expansion of manufacturers and producers, creating high-quality jobs and benefiting all of Rutland County and surrounding areas.
  • Vermont Agency of Transportation – $350,000: Supports cost-effective freight transportation for rural businesses in the Northeast Kingdom and northern Vermont.
  • City of Montgomery – $817,908.37: Supports the “Montgomery Gateway” project, which will construct a 1,600-foot sidewalk, bike lane, marked crosswalks and parking. Village center and businesses named after the state.
  • Greater Rockingham Area Services, Inc. – $817,908.36: Supports replacement of old heating system with new energy efficient biomass boiler, boiler backup and outdoor wood chip silo.

In the year Created in 2008, the Northern Frontier Regional Commission is a federal-state partnership whose mission is to address economic hardship and encourage private sector job creation in Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. In its 13-year history, including these new awards, the commission has awarded 387 grants totaling more than $114 million in direct investment and more than $416 million in leveraged investments in major state economic and infrastructure development (CEID) projects across the four states. ) assistance program and other special initiatives.

Delegate, Governor 8.24.2022.

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