The relaunch of UP Fashion focuses on luxury, sophistication and casual style.

The Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the movement to break down certain gender stereotypes, has contributed to the growth of menswear in recent years. Generally more relaxed, understated and always more creative, menswear now seems to be leaping back in time with a return to the UPP style, albeit one that suits the tastes and habits of a new generation.

After falling into oblivion in the early stages of the epidemic, formal clothing never returned to fashion, but that may have been only a temporary blip. The return of the UP style may be poised to revive interest in the overall wardrobe of the young, ambitious and somewhat materialistic executives who were the talk of the 1980s. This blast from the fashion past is highly visible, suggesting that this aesthetic revival is far less obvious and formal than it was four decades ago. Overall, the key trends for 2023 are a perfect mix of the three: normcore, recession core and quiet luxury.

What is UP?

To understand what the modern yuppie style looks like, we must first go back in time, precisely to the 1980s, the decade when the yuppies or ‘young urban professionals’ emerged. They were the new generation of active and upwardly mobile young executives, with comfortable incomes, generally working in finance, and whose lifestyles, like their wardrobes, were diametrically opposed to those of the hippies. Extravagance, materialism, and the pursuit of superficial financial success were quickly associated with these cities, giving the term a literal meaning, but the style of clothing of these big business executives remained… until the arrival of sportswear and streetwear.

Formal and professional attire – in the 1980s – was at the center of the yuppie wardrobe, from suits to white shirts to ties to dress shoes. All of these hailed from the big luxury fashion houses of the time, where the UPPs were loud and proud to remind everyone of their social status. And this is inevitably associated with a flashy watch like a Rolex.

As fashion lovers have already understood, the UP style is completely opposed to the spirit of quiet luxury, the current trend has been increased by the popular show “Success”. Of course, if it is associated with the rich, it is as low as it is intelligent. And refined. Far from “nouveaux riches,” this is the luxury of old-money heirs and insiders. In fact, the renaissance of the UP style is epitomized in this quiet or discreet manner. Designer wear, which tends to combine sophistication and casualness without resorting to bling or glitz.

‘Up-core,’ is the new cool.


If the formal suit definitely heralds the 2023 version of yuppie style, the only thing waiting now is the tie, blazer and maybe a white shirt. These are worn not with suit pants, but with jeans – preferably loose – or even chinos or cargo pants. Sneakers can do the trick, although some prefer flats, or boots, depending on preferences and preferences. Note that it is no longer a question of showing one’s wealth, on the contrary, the yuppie revival wants to be cool, calm and sensible, although it reflects a sharp and clear taste for fashion.

It is clear that this aesthetic is in line with the direction men’s fashion has taken since the end of the various covid lockdowns, combining chic with casual. According to Highsnobiety, when AP arrived with Rihanna, the American rapper was dressed in a suit jacket, white shirt and slim black tie, with soft embroidered jeans, then topped off with a Scottish kilt. This Gucci outfit is teamed with multiple belts and black sunglasses. The modern UP sees it in all its glory.

In its infancy, the trend is growing rapidly on social media with over 14 million views for the #yuppie hashtag on TikTok. And, judging by the many videos showcasing this aesthetic, the trend isn’t limited to menswear, as women are also experimenting with the look.

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