The sly voice in the new Apple Health app ad is that of a famous American actor.


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Interview opportunities with actors can’t be said to be tied only to publicity for film and television projects.

So the idea of ​​promoting television commercials seems strange and for some reason unprecedented.

However, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat with Emmy Award-winning actress and comedian Jane Lynch (“Best in Show,” “Glee”), who is currently the most prominent voice at Apple. Funny and inspiring creative space Introducing a health app.

We recently caught up with Lynch to discuss health data privacy risks and what other Apple apps we look forward to introducing in the future.

So walk through it: Maybe, you got a call from your agent saying that Apple is looking for space for a health app. What goes through your mind?

What crossed my mind was, why are they asking me to audition? It was the first thing. The second thing is that the behavior is very good. You’re one of those people who surf the internet, pick up bits of information about you, and end up in the waiting room telling everyone what their secret ailment is. Of course, a broader issue is oversharing on the Internet. The narrower issue is that the Health app on your Apple device is completely secure — it always has been and always will be.

Doesn’t voicing a wise-crack character make you feel like typing?

Yeah, type whatever you want, I don’t care. I love doing it.

Are you a smartwatch wearer who keeps getting asked if you’re working?

Every once in a while, I get a “you need to stop” (message) so I mute those. No, I don’t get notifications but I have all my lab work on there. I use it for everything and it’s good to know it’s fully protected. It’s important. And we’re doing it as a cautionary tale in a very funny way, but it’s a very serious matter. People know that I have a certain amount of privacy that we don’t have anymore. So we have to think about it because there are a lot of people like the character I’m playing here who are willing to dive into places on the internet and steal things about you.

What have you learned about health information privacy risks?

You hear about people’s personal health facts being used against them all the time. My mom is gone now but she is often targeted because she is very patient and willing. I don’t think you want people to stop believing, but I have a 91-year-old aunt. Just get in there and make sure they’re waiting. It is up to us to protect the older generation.

Are you a health app user?

Yes, I love the sleep thing that spoils for you how long you’ve been in bed. It gives you a score for how long you slept and what kind of sleep you had. I love cereal.

So which sleep point are you thinking about?

I want to be in the 90s. I don’t always get it but boy can you feel the difference when you sleep well and when you sleep well.

Now that they’re tied to Apple’s app promotion, they’re considering voting for other apps like Wallet or Flashlight. The latter is my favorite, especially when I look at the menu in a restaurant.

(Laughs) That would be a fun and funny angle.

Another fun feature is getting one of your popular characters to speak directions for the Apple Maps app.

I think Sue Sylvester (the offensive cheer coach from Glee) would be fantastic. She insults you all the way — “Loser, turn left.

How are you choosing projects at this point in your career? Do we have mountains to climb?

I’m not climbing a mountain. I have no past ambitions at this time. I really don’t, I don’t. People say you should have goals. They just never felt right. Also, if you’re looking for something specific, like a specific prize, it adds a lot of stress. I think you miss traveling.

Well, we’re guessing you use your health app if you’ve climbed a literal mountain.

Absolutely, boldly checking.


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