The State Vendor Expo will return in 2023 to recruit new business partners


The State Vendor Expo, hosted by the State of Oklahoma, is back for its highly anticipated third year. This free event, which will be held Oct. 5 at the Oklahoma City Convention Center, welcomes businesses of all sizes and industries to discover opportunities to do business with the state.

Once again, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with state officials, gain insight into current and upcoming projects in all areas of state government, and explore partnerships that can contribute to the state’s growth and benefit Oklahomans.

The State Vendor Exhibition is instrumental in fostering collaboration and facilitating communication between the state government and the business community. Building on the success of previous years, the 2023 Expo promises to be an even more valuable experience, providing valuable information, guidance on the government procurement process and a platform to interact directly with state officials.

Attendees will have an in-depth look at a variety of projects being implemented in various government sectors, enabling them to align their offerings and expertise with the state’s requirements. From agriculture to public safety, every cabinet area is represented, giving companies a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and resources available to grow their business.

With an inclusive, reverse trade show approach, the State Vendor Expo encourages participation from businesses at all stages of development, from established companies to entrepreneurs. Attendees can learn about the processes, requirements and benefits of partnering with state agencies, ultimately resulting in more efficient and effective services for the people of Oklahoma.

Mark your calendars for October 5th and stay tuned for more information on registration and event highlights.


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