The Tech women complete day two of the NCAA West

Sacramento, California – The Texas Tech women completed day two of the NCAA West first round Thursday night at Hornet Stadium.

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Demisha Roswell She was the first Tech runner to advance to Saturday’s quarterfinals when she clocked 13.04 (0.5) in the 100 hurdles. Her time was 5Th all in all.

Meanwhile, Rosemary Chuuma 100m and 200m. They booked two routes for Saturday. In the 100m Chukwama went 2 for 11.19(1.4).Th Night rush hour. After two hours, Chukwama clocked a time of 23.33 (0.2) to finish third in the automatic qualifier.

After the completion of the 100m, the officials went back and decided that Serena Clark The time of 11.50 (-0.1) drops to thousandths of a second (.497), which is enough to secure the last place at 23.rdTied with another runner from Southern Illinois.

Malin Smith He missed his shot attempt by three spots. Smith set a new PB twice by two feet as her final throw was 16.95m (55-7 ½). Smith still has a discus left on Saturday.

Sylvia Schulz He confirmed the finish line in the 400 hurdles this weekend. Schultz finished 2Th Her temperature is 57.95.


The boys will finish their last day of the week by competing tomorrow at 1 pm Devin Roberson And Jacob Mechler in the disc.

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