The UNC Health Southeast parking garage is getting a $2 million facelift.


UNC Health Southeast is expected to conduct a $2 million routine maintenance and improvement project on the four-level parking garage through August. David Kennard | Robesonian

LUMBERTON – Hospital parking garage renovations are underway.

UNC Health Southeast, at 300 W. 27th St., announced this week that it is undergoing an estimated $2 million in routine maintenance and improvements to the four-level parking garage through August.

“The health system expects minimal disruption to the project,” UNC Health Southeast said on its website.

The routine maintenance includes concrete and joint repairs, wheel pad replacements, electrical repairs and painting, among other tasks, system spokeswoman Amanda Crabtree said in a separate email.

“While the work is extensive to maintain the safety and integrity of the parking garage, it is routine maintenance in nature,” she said.

The project is expected to take about three months.

The renovation of the parking garage is part of a larger initiative to improve infrastructure to care for our community, Crabtree quoted source Patrick Ebrey as saying.

Ibri is vice president and chief engagement officer at UNC Health Southeast.

According to Crabtree, the renovation will include a comprehensive initiative to improve women’s health services over the next two years. It will “enhance our hospital services for women, mothers and infants, and consolidate our women’s health clinics into a combined state.”

He added, “Our health system plans to spend more than $40 million in local construction and renovations, which will include relocating the hospital’s maternity, obstetrics and neonatal services to a state-of-the-art women’s center on the fourth floor.” Rusty tower floor.

Traffic in the parking garage is reduced to one ramp between June 19 and June 30, according to the UNC Health Southeast Post. Parking attendants are planned to be on site to direct drivers in the right direction.

From July 5 to July 14, the fourth floor of the parking garage will be closed, the hospital system.

Alternative parking is available at Tanglewood Elementary School across from the system’s emergency room and in the hospital’s employee parking lot off Rowland Avenue.

The parking garage can accommodate up to 431 vehicles, Crabtree said.

Before the facility was opened to staff and the public a year later, It was built in 1981. The last work done on the parking garage was three years ago, which included some concrete and steel work along with packing and removal.

The system’s online post reads, “Thank you for your understanding, as we ensure our parking garage is maintained for good use into the future!” He said.


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