The US Army is coming up with a ‘tactical’ bra for female soldiers.


  • The US Army is developing a “tactical bra” for women soldiers called the Tactical Bra.
  • The spokeswoman said it would be the first bra developed by the army and “a victory for female soldiers”.
  • There are four prototypes, including a pull-on, compression and zipper-closed bra.

The US Army is developing a “tactical bra” to add protection to existing body armor for female soldiers.

The Army Tactical Bra may be the first of its kind to be added to the official Army uniform for female soldiers.

“It’s a win for female Soldiers in the Army,” Jeff Sisto, a spokesman for the Combat Capability Development Command’s Soldier Center, said in the Army Times.

According to the outlet, four prototypes are in operation. Concepts A and B are pull-on sports bras; Concept C offers the compression of cross-body straps in the back; Concept D has a zipper front closure.

The bra will be more “tactical than sportswear,” so designers have “enhanced protection” options, including fire-resistant fabrics, according to the Army.

“The overall goal is to produce clothing that not only benefits the wearer, but also reduces the cognitive strain on the female soldier, both in terms of discomfort and exercise,” said Ashley Cushon, designer at the Soldier Center. “Achieving this will improve the Soldier’s overall readiness and performance level, allowing them to focus on their mission.”

It may be a welcome development for the 15% female soldiers in the army. A woman In 2002, after the army took away her uniform, she said she received basic training in regular breastfeeding at a reception center.

“Too bad if the racing fans are uncomfortable for you. Too bad if you need extra support. Too bad if the store is out of your size,” Sarah Hoyt told The Washington Post. “I was very uncomfortable to say the least.”


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