These 2 Round Rock restaurants passed the April health inspections

Williamson County and Urban Health District reports indicate two Round Rock restaurants failed health inspections in April.

Chui Restaurant at 2230 Interstate 35 North and Bamboo garden Both at 3107 I-35 South failed their routine health checks in April.

Chuy’s Tex-Mex Restaurant Violations

Chui got 46 points on April 27 and Bamboo Garden got 47 points on April 17. If a restaurant scores 30 points or more, it fails the health test. Each violation is recorded differently. The first failed inspection included monitoring whether restaurants pass or fail in the county’s health district. Restaurants that fail inspections twice in a 12-month period will be forced to close for two days and pay fines.

This is the first failed inspection for Chuy’s in the past 12 months. The violations included food debris on the floor, trash cans outside the back entrance without drain plugs, employees handling food with bare hands and improper hand washing.

The investor is also exposed near the bait box as bait and spring-loaded traps in the dry storage area. The investor said in the report that the restaurant has ongoing pest control issues.

Representatives for Chui did not return calls for comment.

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Bamboo Garden Restaurant Violations

This is the first failed inspection at Bamboo Gardens in 12 months. The inspector’s report did not mention any problems with hygiene, how the food was handled or pests. The restaurant is a limited liability company that must apply for permission to reflect the name change and update its ownership.

The manager of the restaurant, who did not want to be named, said the food inspectors failed the inspection because the certificate was not available.

Both restaurants are still open.

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