Ton builds his base in the steel city, forming a partnership with BTFL

Based in Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, TONS is an immersive retail experience offering the most sought-after luxury and contemporary fashion brands, including accessories and beauty products. Tons is establishing itself as a high-end fashion and lifestyle destination in the East Liberty community, offering luxury fashion items, art exhibits, designer goods in general, and interiors inspired by popular retail locations such as New York City or Los Angeles.

Pittsburgh is known for its steel production, with influences like Andrew Carnegie at the start of the American Industrial Revolution, and has a history of promoting workwear styles spanning over 100 years. By creating superior shopping and cultural experiences for their customers, Ton has attracted customers, including athletes such as wide receiver Anthony Miller and many University of Pittsburgh stars, as well as customers seeking high-quality luxury goods and services. Try it in person.

The Ton opened its doors in November 2022 by Diana and Adam Kucenik, who own and operate successful restaurant projects in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty area, such as Muddy Waters Oyster Bar.

“Pittsburgh is a diverse and cultural city with many offerings in the arts, hospitality and opera scene, and we are honored to have locations in all of the areas we truly love,” said the founders.

We own and manage the restaurants, and now we have tons of stores for our fashion concepts. We meet regularly with people from Google, CMU, and Duolingo, and want to provide the people of Pittsburgh with a local destination for fashion. Many people we talk to say they rely on traveling to NYC or Los Angeles when they need to update their closets with the latest collections, and Tons is here to solve that.

Diana Kucenik’s experience as a buyer for her mother’s fashion boutiques and frequent trips to Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks developed her fashion taste and knowledge and helped her make important connections with famous contemporary brands. As of November 2022, she has dedicated her expertise in fashion to the city of Pittsburgh in brick and mortar. “Also from the local fashion community, artists and creatives, and, of course, athletes,” she said.

“One thing that never changes about Pittsburgh is its passion for its sports teams. The support from professional and amateur athletes throughout the tri-state area is overwhelming. We’ve seen Pittsburgh transform from a steel and coal town to an innovative city in technology and healthcare. The same goes for Pittsburgh fashion.” , and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this movement.

Large works of art by Alexander Brodsky are hung, and imported Italian furniture, a paradoxical hi-tech armchair by Piero Lissoni, the Mate chair by (a+b) Dominini, glass products from Glace Italia, a Wiggle stool by Frank Gehry for Vitra, and by Wolfgang Tonks is a system of racks that carry tons, tons of awesome complexity.

Contrasting high-end furniture and furnishings, TONS of recycled food cans are transformed into interior lighting design that connects their accompanying restaurants to the lifestyle the retailer is promoting in East Liberty.

On Friday, May 12, 2023, TONS hosted its official grand opening and launch party for the local Pittsburgh community and fans from all over. With all the attention on the new establishment, TonS hosted a panel discussion with Alejandro “Bucci” Rodriguez, founder of one of the best-selling brands, BTFL, formerly of Pretty Full. “Bucci” Rodriguez In 2013, he founded the famous Los Angeles workwear label and lived under the name ‘Full’ for the next five years.

Rodríguez discusses BEAUTIFUL FÜL’s character and creative direction, explaining his transition to BTFL in 2020, which was founded before the Covid pandemic. BTFL’s latest campaign was inspired by the North American-slash-Mexican culture of gardeners in the Southwest region for workwear created. Campaign “Workwear” [Delivery 2]worked with Desert Creations, run by the Chávez family, who cultivate artistic cactus plants for lovers.

In addition, BTFL created a collaboration capsule with TONS retailer, which mentions Steel City and its steel mixed landscape. The capsule featured blueprint designs for Pittsburgh’s most famous structures. The cap is painted twice to create a rust color – a brownish-gray – mimicking the rust seen in Pittsburgh’s steel-clad bridges, buildings and artwork.

“I was born and raised in LA,” Rodriguez explains of his thoughts on the TONS collaboration for his latest campaign. “My father is from Mexico. My mom is from California. So I grew up in a Mexican family. You learned about Pittsburgh in high school, and you learn about it [its] Story, so it’s kind of what I expected. [It’s] beautiful. I love history, I love old buildings. I love the industrial aesthetic. And driving through ‘that’ tunnel…” Rodriguez likes the Fort Pitt Tunnel under Mount Washington, which is designed with a distinctly rectangular shape.

Pittsburgh has been booming in many industries lately, especially technology and fashion. Gucci opening a store in Pittsburgh is a sign of the growing luxury market. Meanwhile, Carnegie Mellon University, Google and Uber have established a strong presence in the technology industry, contributing to the strong growth of the sector. Now, Ton is building his base in the Steel City and establishing a strong community presence.

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