Town Hall Live aims to continue the rapid revitalization of Westwood’s business district.


CINCINNATI – More than 100 people packed Westwood City Hall Saturday night to see the first live concert hosted by a trade association.

Town Hall Live, a new monthly live concert series, is designed to capitalize on the growth of the small business district over the past half decade.

Larry Esser, president of the business association, said the concerts “get the park moving” for the benefit of the young business people around.

“This kind of activation is the lifeblood of what makes this district so successful,” Ezer said.

The association refused to bring vendors or food trucks to the concert.

Tim Abrosys’ EP investment team has been involved in helping a number of businesses in the region.

“It’s a very up and coming area,” he said. “It just keeps getting better and better.”

Esser said an event like Town Hall Live would have been unbelievable five years ago.

“Five and a half years ago there were two places you could go to eat and drink in this district,” and now there are nine.

Two more restaurants are expected to open around the park on Harrison Street in the spring of 2024.

Esser said the development was made possible by making the area highly walkable by dropping speed limits, adding sidewalks and ramps, but more needs to be done.

“We want to do some elevated walkways and other techniques,” he said.

Isser said he is working with Cincinnati city officials to move the region from the airport to a slower access zone from downtown to the suburbs.

“We want to be safe, so we want you to slow down, and if it’s inconvenient, please take the freeway,” he said.

Town Hall Live continues to feature local bands on the fourth Saturday of the month through October:

• May 27: Jake Speed ​​and the Freddys
• June 24: Jess the Lamb and the Factory.
• July 22: Ben Levine’s Blues Band
• August 26: Jamwave
• September 23: Tracy Walker Band
• October 28: Static Waterfall


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