Trump’s ex-lawyer says ex-president ‘will go to jail’: CNN

Former Trump lawyer Ty Cobb.
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

  • A former White House lawyer told CNN he believes Donald Trump will go to jail.
  • Ty Cobb said there is “overwhelming evidence of knowledge of guilt” as investigations continue.
  • The DOJ is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice to bring classified documents to Mar-a-Lago.

A former Trump administration lawyer has predicted Donald Trump will “go to jail” as the investigation into the former president’s mishandling of classified documents continues.

In the year 2017 to 2018 White House attorney Ty Cobb was discussing the recent news. CNN.

In a May 16 letter obtained by CNN, Acting Archivist Debra Steele Wall wrote to the former president: “The 16 records in question all reflect communications involving close presidential advisers, some of which have been personally directed to you as to the whys, wherefores, and hows.” You must identify certain classified records.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Cobb said, “There’s a lot of evidence of guilt, so it doesn’t necessarily expand the case to justify the espionage law.”

All the officials have to do to prove their case is to show that “Trump has made these documents available to or requested by the DOJ at various times” and that he “falsely sued the Justice Department, and caused his attorneys to falsely provide them to the Justice Department.” , proof that there isn’t one.”

This move, he continued, “was shattered by the documents they found after the search and the numerous misrepresentations he and others made regarding the possession of documents alleged to be in his name.”

He said he thought the case was a “tight” barrier before saying, “Yeah, I think he’s going to go to jail on this one.”

Charges related to mishandling classified documents are punishable by up to 10 years in prison, according to Reuters.

Cobb previously called his former boss “a deeply wounded narcissist.”

Disagreement in Trump’s legal team

Former President Donald Trump appears in court Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in New York.
(Timothy A. Clary/Pool Photo via AP)

In another CNN interview with former Trump lawyer Timothy Parlatore, a member of Trump’s legal team tried to prevent others from conducting further asset searches following the FBI raid, Insider reported.

Parlatore said Wednesday that he is leaving Trump’s legal team.

Parlatore singled out one of Trump’s lawyers, Boris Epstein, who joined the former president’s 2016 campaign as an aide and has been in Trump’s orbit ever since.

“There’s one individual working for him in particular, Boris Efstein, who has done everything he can to block us — to prevent us from doing what we can to protect the president,” he said.

Trump, who recently launched his 2024 presidential campaign, is currently fighting several legal battles.

While the Justice Department is investigating whether Trump misused classified documents, it is also investigating his efforts to interfere in the 2020 election. Other investigations into the January 6 financial and his role are ongoing.

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