Try these 4 DIY Boudoir Shoot Tips for a little self-love this Valentine’s Day!

Ok TCF Fam! Although Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (Time flies, huh?), TCF wants to encourage you all to practice a little self-love all year long! We’ve all had a rough couple of years and we may still be walking in the thick of it!

Nothing says self-love like a DIY Boudoir Shoot! When was the last time you took a picture of yourself? Not a selfie, not hiding behind a group of friends, but just you?! Now is the perfect time to break out some sexy underwear or an outfit that perfectly hugs all your curves and makes you feel amazing. Prepare your props, camera, and most importantly, feel good about yourself!

What’s Needed for a DIY Boudoir Shoot?

Glad you asked! When you see or hear the acronym DIY, some people’s eyes start to roll. But that’s the great thing about DIY… it’s for you! No time limits, no stressful times, no tab running. Also, don’t be mistaken and think that DIY is low budget. I like to call it amazingly affordable!

Just because it’s DIY doesn’t mean your boudoir shoot has to be put together on the cheap! If social media hasn’t taught us anything, it should have taught us how to be smart when choosing props for DIY photos or reels.

Plus size boudoir photography by Anete Lusina- DIY Boudoir Photography Tips
Plus size boudoir photography by Anete Lusina

There are many options to make your shoot memorable, from colorful backdrops, pillows, cushions and more! Think about what you want and go for it! Even take notes on different concepts and layouts! If you want, share your ideas with your close friends for more ideas and inspiration!

Check out these tips for a beautifully created, brilliantly executed, DIY Boudoir Shoot! Let’s have fun with it!

4 DIY Boudoir Shoot tips for a little self-love

1. Get into the right head position

Not long ago, there was an article about affirmations in TCF. So take a moment to clear your mind before you go digging through a drawer to change your position or find your favorite lace stockings. This time is for you!

Read back 21 Self Care and Self Love for Plus People And sit a little – all to yourself. Thanks for attending in 2023. Respect your body and its flaws. Speak life to your heart and smile! you are beautiful!

DIY Boudoir tips to love yourself this Valentine's Day
Image via Anete Lusina via Pixels

You are your own director! A “classic boudoir” is a woman’s bedroom or private sitting area (hence the French word “boudoir”). However, in 2023, we are doing everything we want! So set the stage wherever you want!

Want to stick with the “bedroom” scene? Make a bed decorated with beautiful linens, fluffy pillows or not! You can be as clean or as messy as you want! Do you have a dope window with a spectacular view? Take a picture looking at the horizon!

Want to do a cooking show? Clean it or don’t clean it based on your imagination! Do you have a plain color or even plain wall? Use it as your backdrop or create a backdrop using sheets, fabric or a pre-made backdrop! This is your DIY time!

Now, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for… dressing up for your DIY Boudoir Shoot! Of course, what you wear or not is entirely up to you and your comfort! So step outside your box and try something new to make you feel sensual, sensual and sensual.

And if you need help finding plus size underwear, we’ve got you covered (or not).

Choose your makeup look, shoes (if any), and accessories. Go for it! Check out the different looks on Pinterest or search “Plus Size Boudoir Ideas” on TCF for more inspiration!

You’ve set the stage and created your look (or appearance). You know (or at least have some idea) where and how to get up. great! So what about the camera? Camera? cell phone? I suggest a tripod to have freedom of movement. If not, upgrade your phone using what you’ve got!

Play with a ring light or whatever light you have. Don’t worry about what you don’t have and just focus on what you do have. Do a few tests to test the gap. Use a piece of paper to mark where you need to be to let the creativity flow!

Do you have a close friend or cool family member who could be a photographer for the day? Use them any way you like or make it a day with your best friends and take turns! Solo or note, the main thing is to enjoy yourself!

Want to give yourself a DIY boudoir shot? This can get you ready to dive into a professional Boudoir shoot! Be sure to check out our other posts to learn about a few photographers who have taken part in plus size boudoir photography!

Share your DIY Boudoir Shoot with us! Let’s promote self-love worldwide!

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