Tuesday, January 24, 2023 High Tech News

Three months ago, electric vehicle company Lightyear said it had begun production of the €250,000 (about $270,000) Lightyear 0, a car with massive solar panels that could add up to 44 miles of range. In the year In order to focus on the 40,000 Lightyear 2 subs coming in 2025, the company has announced that it will stop production of 0. It’s not good news for a startup, any way you cut it.

Meanwhile, A Bloomberg The report sheds new light on Apple’s long-rumored AR/VR headset, which is expected to launch this spring. The good news is that it is expected to be packed with premium technology like advanced hand tracking and FaceTime calls. The bad news is that this technology won’t come cheap, with the headset expected to cost around $3,000. It seems to be an early adoption product for the future. If you want something more affordable and up-to-date, why not check out Meta Quest 2, which now uses more advanced hand tracking software by default.

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