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Nowadays everything is out to make a fashion statement and form is just as important as function. Brands are investing in the design of their products beyond purpose. On the flip side, consumers themselves, who are functional but aesthetically challenged, may not give it a second look.

From head to toe, our choices reflect our style personality – our hairstyles, clothes, bags and even our gadgets. Why do you think the Galaxy Z Flip4 lets you customize everything from hardware to software? This isn’t a cold, cookie-cutter world, so let your colorful individuality shine from the inside out.

Step 1 Choose any color

If minimalism is your style, the Galaxy Z Flip4 comes in four gorgeous colors – Bora Purple, Graphite, Rose Gold and Blue. Go into stealth mode with Graphite that blends seamlessly with the cover screen for an ultra-smooth look. But if you really can’t decide on a color, then ditch the rule book and make your own style. With the bespoke edition, you can customize the frame in silver, gold or black, and the front and back in purple, yellow, white, navy, khaki or red.

Step 2: Accessories, accessories, accessories

Not enough noise? Don’t worry, you’re allowed to be extra with the accessories. Play with textures in leather or silicone. Don’t be shy and if you want your inner beauty to shine, go for a transparent case and go extra crazy with stickers. To pop culture? Then dress it up with Simpsons, Star Wars, Disney, National Geographic or Marvel accessories.

Step 3: Razzle-dazzle your cover screen

Personalize your cover screen with fun animated backgrounds and AR emoticons that you can update to match your mood or outfit. Or add widgets to easily access frequently used apps without opening the main screen. You can reply to posts and take photos on your cover screen! Take customization to the next level by turning your favorite memories into cover screen wallpaper, photos, videos or GIFs.

Step 4: Open it up and show them what you’re made of

Then continue your cover screen wallpaper video on the main screen to tell the whole story. Or zoom in on the image on the cover screen – like a close-up of your cat’s nose – then flip to the main screen to “zoom out” and see the whole picture of your cat! If you like to make people laugh, show the first part of the joke on the cover screen and flip to reveal the punch line. If you like motivational quotes, put “All our dreams can come true” on the cover screen, then “If we have the courage to pursue them” on the main screen.

Get your creative juices flowing with the Galaxy Z Flip4 today: https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-z-flip4/


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