Two of the oldest people in the world were French. They work differently

Most people are lucky. They live up to 100But two women have lived longer than that, joined the world’s greatest men – and both are from France.

Jane Calment He is believed to be the world’s oldest man who has roamed the earth for 122 years. And recently, a French nun named Sister Andre is the oldest living nun in the world as of January 17. She passed away at the age of 118..

Given the nature of supercentenarians, Jean-Marie Robin, an expert who studies the relationship between health and aging, says it’s hard to know exactly what helps people live past 100.

But there are some factors that could give France the upper hand in extending longevity, says Robin, director of research at the Institut National de la Santé et la Recherche Médique (INSERM) in France.

Here are some reasons why people from Hexagon can have some bonus years.

Why do the French live longer than residents of other countries?

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