UC San Diego is doubling down on behavioral health counselors on campus staff


The FSAP team provides one-on-one information, support and guidance Counseling serviceBut also a wide difference Educational workshops and support groups. The program recently expanded, doubling the number of counselors available to campus employees and retirees. By expanding the number of consultants, the team has broadened the team’s diversity to better reflect the identity of our staff, region and campus.

“In response to many requests from staff and faculty to increase our diversity profile, we have assembled a team of highly experienced and professional staff assistance program providers,” Green said. We hope that more and more employees, with their multi-nodal identities, will find a sense of familiarity and security with us and will be more ready for support.

Some of the support group offers include:

  • Spanish-speaking workers have a new resource in Jennifer Triana, a licensed clinical social worker fluent in Spanish. Triana has begun making connections to learn how she can best serve the campus community through Spanish language counseling.
  • Employees who identify as neurodivergent and their family members benefit from several support groups led by licensed psychologist Christina Lambert.
  • Campus staff can join BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) monthly online discussion forums led by Trina and licensed psychologist Kat Thompson. Thompson plans a sequel. Unity circles With the Black Workers Union.
  • Services for working parents have also been added. Isabelle Caetano-Franci, certified in perinatal mental health, is now offering parenting groups to support working mothers, working parents and caregivers of children, and a new group for working parents of teenagers.
  • For those looking for a sense of community and encouragement for healthy self-care, Triton Flourish, one of the longest-running FSAP groups, meets monthly. Licensed marriage and family therapist William Youngblood hosts the group, which welcomes new participants at any time.

“As a Latina and a therapist, I subscribe to the philosophy of ‘la cultura cura,’ which means that healing comes from our culture and shared values,” Triana said. “Latinx values ​​include warmth, stability, and shared pride in our work. That makes developing a space for Latinxes at UC San Diego a particularly fulfilling and natural role for me. My passion is to give Latinxes a place to be their authentic selves at work and to raise awareness of the unique behavioral health needs of our community.”

A new pilot program to promote employee assistance counseling

UC San Diego is launching its first program focused on helping new graduates with master’s and doctoral degrees in behavioral sciences gain experience in the workforce assistance program world and earn hours toward the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP). This is a two-year training course overseen by Brian McNutt, a new pilot-licensed psychologist.

Trainees in the pilot are paid a full-time salary with benefits while gaining hands-on experience, networking with colleagues, and hours toward their license and EAP certification. The pilot is focused on early career professionals to ensure the field is alive and well for future generations.

“We are deeply committed to ensuring that UC San Diego employees have access to the highest quality behavioral health services,” McNutt said. “This pilot will create our own talent pipeline and grow service providers for our campus and then provide well-trained counselors to other workforce assistance programs. UC San Diego is known for its professional training programs, and we want Employee Assistance Program Advisors to be included in that reputation.”

Give health a chance

Over the past few years, the adoption of telehealth and seeking support for mental health has increased across the country. Increasing accessibility and acceptance presents a great opportunity for our campus community.

“Overcoming barriers to behavioral health is a positive societal change that FSAP is building for a better workplace and a healthier community,” said Green. “We hope every campus employee feels comfortable reaching out to us when they have questions, need a referral, or need help making a change in their life.”

If you want to know more about Five elements that contribute to safetyhow about Managing stress Or you’re just looking for some. Read the recommendations—FSAP provides many resources to support the campus community. You can easily. Make an individual, confidential appointment Online with a consultant using SSO credentials.


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